Why Telecom brand agency in Africa use FLOWVISUAL smart control solar phone charging station system ?  Look at the photos with news from Nigeria. National power grid collapses many times in 2022. Phone charging service place are very poor conditions. Due to lack of gas, and also economic down. The currency floating crazy for Naira.


We did an offline investigation in March 2022 by professional marketing query company in Lagos. Content as below.


  1. What kind of phone do you use? Kindly state here:_________________
  2. Kindly share with us, 6 of your friends’ phones’ brands currently in use, in no particular order; list them  please

(1.) ___________________  (2.) ____________________ (3.) ___________________

(4.) ___________________  (5.)  ____________________ (6.) ___________________

  1. How much you paid for your phone ? ___________, Is it smart phone with android or IOS ?  Yes or No
  2. What is the average time it takes your phone tobe fully charged? ___________
  3. So, what time duration do you really spend charging your phone at home? ____________
  4. How do you charge yourphone when you are outdoors?  Kindly State:____________________________
  5. What are the available charging services/options available outthere, when you go outside or during a trip ? ____________________
  6. How long do you spend charging your phone when outdoors?_______How much you paid each time for recharging ? ___________
  7. Do you allow your phone charge fully when you’re outdoors? If yes (How long? ______) if No (give reason(s)
  8. Can you please share your monthly income range ___________________
  9. Could you give similar info for about 10 of your friends, kindly list in the below spaces:

(1.) ___________________  (2.) ____________________ (3.) ___________________

(4.) ___________________  (5.)  ____________________ (6.) ___________________

(7.) ___________________ (8.) ____________________  (9.) ___________________ (10.) ____________________

  1. How much do you spend on the average foryour phone telecommunication service? ______
  2. Do you think this isexpensive? YES or NO
  3. Doknow about QR code scanning? Yes or No
  4. If yes? Do you use QR CodeScanning when buying products at shop? Yes or No
  5. If Yes, Is it convenient to use? Share your experience briefly __________________________
  6. Is AC power stable at your home? Yes or No.         How much you paid for AC power per month ? ______________
  7. If No, what is the average time of AC power availability inyour house, per day/per week? ____________
  8. When the AC electricity power is off, how do you get power charge your phone? ____________________________________________________________________________
  9. Do you have power bank or battery storage ? Yes or No.
  10.  How about the price of power bank and battery storage ? ______________________________________________

21.How much for the small gas generator in your market ? __________ How about the price of gas per liter ? ___________

  1. How is the Network Service signal in your Area for the phone you use?(a) Good, (b) Bad  (c)Average (d) Excellent
  2. Is there any solar powered station for phone recharging available ? Yes or No.       If yes, take some photo and videos.

NB: This is for Research Executive Actions

Name of Respondent____________________

Age Bracket of Respondent _______________       Respondent’s Gender (Male) or (Female)

Location______________   State of Residence ____________

  1. Is there any exiting street vending cart and kiosk in your area and city? Yes or No
  2. If so, Take different kinds of photos and videos.

Here below feedbacks assorted :

1. Chinese mobile phone company Tecno is the most popular in Nigeria.

2. Nigeria people have to spend very high cost for phone charging, NGN50.00 for phone and NGN100.00 for power bank charge.

3. Phone user have to pay for airtime and data with weekly or monthly, over 20% of their average salary.

4. Over 90% of university students have mobile phone.

5. Nigeria will start promote their 5G network, which is constructed by ZTE & Huawei China. Goverment pay great attention for expanding digital service and trainning  for their rural areas.


Based on above QUESTIONAIRE, FLOWVISUAL developed smart phone charging station system. With mobile payment function combined with Flutterwave service. User easy to operate

register account and order phone charging service on the machine screen, the station will charging fee based on per 3 hours. After full charged, user can input the account name and password then open the charging cabinet port. and pick up the phone. There are great business chance for Africa market application of solar phone charging station.



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