Solar parts options for FLOWVISUAL solar kiosk and solar phone charging station

Solar parts option for FLOWVISUAL solar kiosk and solar phone charging station

It is a long trip for FLOWVISUAL team do research and product development solar system on kiosk and phone charging station. Especially for the battery. It is the key point of whole system. There are different battery suppliers exist in the market. and different technology, mainly gel battery and lithium battery.

Item PT01B, the development concepts from Sudan customer, he try to to make a TV screen on the trolley station, and use flexiable solar panel for power generator. With 4G wifi router inside provide free wifi service to customers. Unfortunately, although we make great endeavors for the TV screen from supplier, and use their USB disk changing video content for advertising broadcasting, the engineer in Sudan failed assemble and testing for the solar parts. The cables connection not running well. It takes almost 5 months for the sample to Sudan, due to consolidation reason and the sea freight long distance. Anyway, it is nice technology model, solar powered advertising cart with phone charging station service.

Item PT26A, One of Korea customer request very big solar panel rate. The portable trolley solar charging station specifications as below:

1.Solar panel 75W*4pcs. Folding structure, so that easy moving after one day working.
2.Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 12V 40ah. Battery with MSDS. UN38.3, IEC62133. IEC62321. ROHS, UL.
3. Inverter 300W DC12V/AC220V 50HZ. With CE & ROHS.
4.Controller: 12V/24V 30A MPPT controller match MODBUS protocol. With CE & FCC approval.
5. USB connectors 5V2A for 25pcs phone charging And 5pcs AC220V charging socket.
6. Controller with CE and FCC.

SK11 collapsible kiosk structure. Battery capacity with 12V 64ah, and USB connectors 5V 2A for 45pcs phone charging.

The network control system as below instructions.

Another clever customer in Nigeria use very special solution for the solar charging station. It is not full solar panel, just put 20pcs solar power bank. Customer can charging phone via solar power bank on the cart station, also they can buy the solar power bank. It give two options for customer. In order to protect the cart, client bought the GPS tracker, so that the investor are able to manage staff working place records.


With larger version kiosk style solar charging station, FLOWVISUAL made EPS sandwich panel prefab house solution. There are 2pcs 350W solar panel on the roof of the kiosk.
Metal cabinet in the kiosk for electricity. Battery 12V 250ah, Lithium battery 12V/24V 40A inverter. 50pcs 5V 1.5A USB porter, 3pcs DC12V porter, 1pc 220V porter.

Gas station brand even with much bigger volume solar system for their machine. The solar power have to support air conditioner, and computer, also the lifting machine.

Solar power system support air conditioner . computer and the treadmill system
1. Inverter: 10KVA 48V50HZ sine wave MOS.
2. Battery: 200AH12V Battery.
3. Solar controller: 12/24V 60A MPPT Controller
4. Solar panel : 24pcs 270W 30V 1640*992*35mm XC-802 With 3 (10A) diodes and 0.6M 4MM² photovoltmeter with MC4.

Wireless security control smart cloud system support by solar power system
1. Total 5 cameras, 4pcs outdoor and 1pc indoor. connect with 4G wifi router in office.
The alarm system, voice speaker etc.
2. Group management, real time monitor, report system.
3. Out area alarm setting.
4. Record report of the tracks.
5. Checking on computer website or on mobile phone app both available.


For European and America market, the application is not only function, it can be city sight seeing place. It looks like a flower open and folded. For people free charging service.

1. Open size : 4835x5012x2340mm. Folding size: 2000x2000x2340mm.
2. Material: sheet metal with powder coating. Thickness 1.0mm. Collapsible structure kiosk with waiting chair surrounded, and frame stand for e bike charging.
3. LCD screen 21.5inch. With video and graphic poster function.
4. Solar power system 3000W: Solar generator 1pc, 275Wx6pcs solar panel (with 90cm wires with a pair of MC4 connector) size 1640x990mm. Anderson plug ( solar panel input plug ). 12V50A PWM solar controller.

5. 12v 120ah LiFePO4 battery, 3000W 12V lower frequency pure sine wave inverter.


In the park, it will take high cost for cable constructions. so government may invest solar charging station for public free charge service.



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