PT01 Cigarette Trolley Innovation story

Item PT01 FLOWVISUAL Pop up shop, cigarette trolley innovation story


It is a long trip since it is 1st time idea draft design, till latest version sample. Over 7years improvement experience, different customer feedbacks for detail requirements. Definitely, any good idea required long time to be perfect mass production high quality and beautiful appearance. Never stop research and progressing work is our spirit. Final results depend on endeavors from customer, factory salesman, designer, engineer.


  1. Product application purpose:

& Retailors promotion activtites in shopping mall, or supermarkets.

& Agents or booth keepers pushing it along the street, use as portable mini shop. Save a lot renting cost. Pushing it out

When start work, pushing it back to home at night, or go to temporary outdoor movements, flexiable.

& E shop owner off line promotions.


  1. Design innovation concepts:

It is origin from common cigarette pack, just a large cigarette pack shape.

& With clear window display: we make the top lid cover with clear acrylic as window display. Front cabinet engraved to be hollow, also with clear acrylic window. Let’s cigarette pack itself draw customer’s attention. In order to obtain more

Cigarette pack display visible. We made the display position with sliding face, and metal interval sheet avoid falling down. The top lid can be open up forward. With channel fixing samples.

& Storage space: backside with storage space, unlock the door, and the drawer for cash.

& Anti sunshine: there is round metal tube for solar umbrella, the cabinet considered as solar umbrella base.

& Pushing bar: with round metal tube bended and welding pushing bar, and soft rubber covere, upgrade comfort experience.


Cigarette Pack Appearance

Cigarette Pack Appearance Top lid with channel display samples Version 1.0 sample Drawer and storage space


In order to get maximum advertising visual impact effect, vendor can put sticker advertising graphic in front, also make printed solar umbrella fixed at side of metal tube. Finally, a mini branded pop up shop for cigarette born, not only large display area for sample, but also high visible advertising poster, and suitable storage space at the back of cabinet.


Progress 1 step: customer find out the top lid clear acrylic easy to be broken, then we change the curve part to be metal, no more acrylic heat bending technology applied. We make metal channel to fix the clear acrylic window display.

Progress 2nd step: In order to get more durability of the cart, we cancell the front window display, and change the top lid

Cover acrylic to be metal.

3.Product on site testing: Scene business square, just go to right place experience the product how can be matching with

Environment, visual attraction, it is very different from 3D design drawing, it appeared that, item PT01 achieved high

Visual attraction ability, and matching with different kind of environment background very well. It can be outstanding

Existence in the market.

4.Cigarette trolley pop up shop application situation

In overseas market, different country with different advertising regulations for cigarettes. For example: advertising

Poster outside of the display cabinet is not allowed, but they can display cigarette pack inside of the clear window.

FLOWVISUAL branded cigarette pop up shop solution is: let the cigarette pack shape tell people “ Hi, I am here !”.

Some countries prohibited outdoor cigarette advertising and TV advertising. Generally, cigarette market is huge

Business industry in all our the world. Then devices & equipments for cigarette retail or vending, cigarette trolley

Will be lasted in a long time. Cigarette brand agency always pursue excellent solutions for their distribution and

Promotion activities. How can be unique solution to different cigarette brand, and matching with advertising law ?

Growing demand for customized advertising and promotion material solution for cigarette agency. This requried

More and more creative design applied.


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