Street Reverse Riding Tricycle Cart Drinks and Food Vending Cart

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WHOLE SIZE 2300x650x1030mm , White
COOLER BOX SIZE 900x550x620mm , Orange
MATERIAL Metal tube, metal sheet , White powder coating
FRONT WHEEL DIAMETER 20 inch , Black and white
BACK WHEEL DIAMETER 24 inch , Black and white
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PT19 Street Reverse Riding Tricycle Cart for Drinks and Food Vending, this vending cart is sure to draw attention to the customers along the street, did great help for vendors. People easy to start their own business via this cart, brand agencies may considered it as beverage cart, bart cart, food cart etc. Its attractive styling reminiscent of many people all over the world. It is not related to high technology lifestyle, just recall people’s memories, and it is useful for street vendors. Together with drinks brand agencies off-line pop up shop solutions, the tricycle cart can be high visibility and convenient function for their agents do promotion activities, direct selling movements, or use it as sampling cart during the fair. It is made of metal tube and sheet, with outdoor long lifespan powder coating finishing. Customized color, even wooden grain or any kinds of advertising poster stickers on it is available. It comes with 1pc 24inch bike wheel , and 2pcs 20inch wheels at the back. Compared with normal tricycle cart, it is reverse riding style, vendors is able to watch the cabinet, and find out who is interested in the producst along the road, and peddle for sale. The cooler box with volume 30L.Vendors is able to put different kinds of beer, beverage, red wine etc. There is ice box storage for cooling. When they need give commodities to customer, they will open the sliding top panel, once it is done, push it into the edge channel. All the cooler box outside with brand main color, and pop up advertising texture printing on it. It is attractive appearance for brand point of sales network set up in a short time. This marketing and retail business model, we can say it is “ DTC”, direct to customers.


Flowvisual Branded Pop Up Shop help brand agency build up DTC retail system, the tricycle vending cart is not only for vendors retail, but also achieve brand marketing high visibility, culture marketing is trendency, Thinking about take the drinks bottle from supermarket shelfs, from refridgerators in street shop, when we walking along the street, or on the street, we take a look at the tricycle cart, and the vendors is crying for sales, and you stop your footsteps to buy a bottle of drinks. If the drinks brand want to test new products feedbacks, it is the best way

Give customers free charge sampling. Sometimes drinks brand agencies off-line promotion activities required very quick action, easy to set up and easy close.

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Item No.


Whole size

2300x650x1030mm , White

Cooler box size

900x550x620mm , Orange


Metal tube, metal sheet , White powder coating

Front wheel diameter

20 inch , Black and white

Back wheel diameter

24 inch , Black and white


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