Solar Powered Fiberglass Kiosk Lottery Ticket Station

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Item No. SK08A
Product Name Curve Shape Fiberglass Collapsible Kiosk for lottery station
Application Mini service room, lottery ticket station
Material Fiberglass thickness 4mm without color fading
Finishing Original Color liquid with digital printing sticker
Open Size 55 1/8 ” L x 55 1/8” W x 102 3/8” H ( 140x140x260cm)
Remark 48pcs/1x40ft HQ


Solar Powered Fiberglass Kiosk Lottery Ticket Station

Here is dialogue of an reporter and lottery brand agency manager :

1.Reporter : Why you use fiberglass kiosk for your lottery ticket station point of sales ?

Manager:  ” Our company Supa Sellaz is sports lottery brand at Caribbean, we have over 1000 agents all over the country.   I am purchase manager who in charge of  our points of sales network construction, we have to achieve the most economic and visual impact design so that draw attention of people walking along the kiosk. Our marketing department and design team did a lot of investigation for this project. As this is big investment will lasted over 10 years. We have to make sure satisfied solutions for our management board and our agents. It will affect our performance in a long time. We discussed many solutions for this project, fiberglass is the most long lifespan and durable material, compared with different materials, such as sheet metal kiosk structure, EPS sandwich panels prefabricated house. The weather in Caribbean is very damp, and very hot. Only fiberglass can lasted outdoor bad weather, fireproof, heat resistant, and no color fading problems. Obviously advantages for fiberglass kiosk is the appearance can be made curve shape, it is impressive outlook lead to attractions of customers. ”


2. Reporter : Why you use Guangzhou Welink Technology in China as our lottery ticket station kiosk supplier ?

Manager : ”  There is no supplier available at our local market, we have to sourcing from overseas country, such as China. We imported a lot of lottery machines from China before. We sourcing supplier information from, this company in first page, also when we searching fiberglass kiosk keywords on google, it is also on 1st page. When we browsed their website informations. We saw a lot of different fiberglass design, and all the items related brand agency vending cart and kiosks. It seems they have richful experience for many telecom brands kiosks, cigarettes brands trolleys, the most Interesting things is they did a lot of popu up kits for betting brand such as Premier Bet in Africa. I send enquiry to their email and get very quick reply. The project manager Mr Gary is very professional. Pricing is reasonable. They invest sample development during our negotiation, it is 1st time we got honesty cooperation as this in my career plan. I know the fiberglass mould cost is expensive. When we got the shipping container, and assemble the 1st sample, it is really beautiful, very good quality. I believe more cooperations will be happen in future. ”

  1. Reporter : Why you install solar power system on the fiberglass kiosk ?

Manager : Due to there is no AC power at the rural area and downtown, and richful solar sunshine resources, we set up solar powered system for this station, the Solar panel installed on the roof, and cables go into kiosk, the cable connect with solar controller, and charging battery always, we connect computer, led light and phone charging plugs with the solar controller loading joints. Our supplier Guangzhou Welink Technology give very good solution for install the solar panel on the roof, and avoid water sink. They made the roof design with tray shape, so that the solar panel not visible from the bottom and outside, it will be much safe.  Also there is one gap at one side of four. Once the rain weather, all the water will flow from the roof tray.

  1. Reporter : How does your staff use this fibergalss kiosk as our ticket station ?

Manager: Ms Linda is belong to one of  our branches in our country. Everyday, she is walking to her work office.Or she will ride the bike to there. As there is no public bus to there. When she go to the office, this is one mini office just allow one person sit inside. She open the door, and take out the 3 sides window hydraulic rod. Then take out the tablet computer and connect with solar powered electricity,waiting for customer, coming. Her main work is do new customer betting account register, and sell betting tickets for customers. There is a metal drawer in the kiosk for cash. Everyday, the lottery company sales department will go to every stations to check the cash storage and the working records of all points.



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