Portable outdoor pet house

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Portable outdoor pet house


Design concepts :


1. Outlook as a cat shape. Vivid impression tell people along the cart, we are doing pets related products.


2. Different cabinet structure compared with traditional display cabinet, with wooden, glass or sheet metal,  it achieved unique

folding structure by fiber cable at side.


3. The fiber cable mesh achieved air fresh always once the pets put inside of the cabinet. Also people easy glowing the pets

    from outside.



1. Cabinet size : 110 x 90x 58.5cm, total height 205cm.

2. It is multiple functional portable display cabinet. Suitable for pet supplies, pets products display, exihibitions.

3. Foldable structure, easy moving, easy transportation.

4. Durable sheet metal structure with powder coating finishing. Long life span compared with wooden and plastic cabinet.

5. Large format advertising poster. high visibility.

6. Clear window display, can be used as cats & dogs house, and pets supplies display cabinet.


Benefits and Advantages

1. This Portable Vending Trolley helps you increase profits by offering your customers a more convenient, hygienic and secure way to purchase items at their convenience.This trolley features a durable plastic wheels supporting the body of the trolley which rolls easily in crowded areas. A snap-on integrated side tray features four compartments for products such as gum and chips. The comfortable handle with an ergonomic design ease transfers from place to place


2. Beautiful and durable. The Pro table trolley is an economical solution to preserve counter space, allowing you to easily move product from one location to another. With its lightweight design and recyclable material, it is easy to transport, making it ideal for commercial environments where space is at a premium. This trolley has a stylish design that is cute and attention-grabbing as well as durable enough for use in any setting–commercial or retail environment.


3. Portable vending trolleys are constructed with durable, heavy-duty construction for cross country travel. The small size makes it easy to set up in any market. Durable wheels allow for easy maneuvering and one of our toughest carts is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


4. This trolley is a portable shopping cart that can be mounted to the back of most heavy and medium duty trucks. It offers competitively priced options and convenient carrying handles for easy loading and unloading. Perfect for small businesses and large markets, it has a non-skid base and is lightweight, durable, and recyclable.


5. This provides a solution for your shop with the portable vending trolley. It comes in many colors, attractive shape and can be mobile ads, economical and convenient to use. For preservation of your inventory it is light weight and recyclable


6. This portable vending trolley is colorful and attractive, which can attract attention. It’s light weight and wheel, which means it can be moved easily. The recyclable trolley is durable and can hold large amount of products. It has a lot of room on the top, so the products can be placed in a fixed area. The economic decision to buy this trolley is definitely worth it!


7. Customer’s demands have improved significantly and customers nowadays are always in need of such products that can be taken outdoors and used in the open. This portable vending trolley is one of the most popular products on our product line. Its lightweight design and recyclable materials make it an environmentally friendly choice for the consumer and their environment. The sturdy construction ensures its longevity, durability, and quality of workmanship. Though the product is small, it still has a large capacity so that customers can take it anywhere they want to go with them. Its unique design can also be used as a mobile advertising mechanism for safety stores, food courts,etc., as well as a way to preserve space by keeping all necessary items in one place instead of having them scattered around your establishment. With different color options available, you can choose whichever fits best with your current marketing strategy or style.


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