Metal Folding Cabinet Vending Cart

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OPEN SIZE H204 x W143 x D100cm , Red
APPLICATION Cigarette, Candy, Electronic accessories vending
MATERIAL metal sheet, metal tube , Red powder coating
WHEEL DIAMETER 2.5 inch , Red
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It is a portable shop, suitable for any small commodities retail and promotion !

It is a folding cabinet vending cart with large area advertising graphic poster. It is different product display stand, not only beacause it is portable, but also visual attractive, and useful for all kinds of small commodities.


Mr Jacky is a small shop owner in the town, he have a mini shop along the street many years. The rent cost increase year by year. He have to invest installation every 3 years. But the sales performance without much difference. Why not operate a portable shop ? A new shop concept heared from one of his friend. What is the new portable shop ? It is a metal folding

Cart which can be pushed by everyone easily along the road. All investment less than USD1000.00, no need rent cost, and

No installation cost. There are cigarette display, candy display and electronic accessories display area. Storage cabinet with lock at the bottom. When he start work, he will open the cart left, right, top parts, and adjust the roof height. People walking along the road will see high visible advertising poster of the cart from backside, and front side view, with unique appearance of this shop, Jacky attract a lot of new customers. If there are some games, festivals or weekly movements in the town, he will push the cart to the market. Very different life from previous, just stay at the shop, and waiting for customer, he is trying to find out new customer at different place. The commodities also changed according to market demand, no need prepare many stocks. Every week or 3days, he will make budget about next week plan. He will sell new brand phone accessories one month, and with advertising graphics this month, and change to be toys next month. The shop becoming flexiable, easy moving, easy changing and lower operate cost.

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Item No.


Open size

H204 x W143 x D100cm , Red


Cigarette, Candy, Electronic accessories vending


metal sheet, metal tube , Red powder coating

Wheel diameter

2.5 inch , Red


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