Indoor Phone Charging Station with Smart Control Software System

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Indoor Phone Charging Station with Smart Control Software System

  1. How many phones can be charged at same time  on this phone charging station ?     Re: 12pcs x 5V 2A charging ports.

2. Where this phone charging station can be used ?

Re: airport, shopping mall, market, train, coach etc.

3. How can people use this phone charging station ?

Re: Register an account on the touching screen or on your mobile phone, pay the charging fee by mobile money pocket. Then you will receive a six number verify codeby your phone messages and your registered email, input the code on the screen. One of the charging door will be opened automatically, just connect with the charging port, and close the door. Once full charged, open the door by same verfity code. and take it out.

4. What should we do if the wireless signal is not good ?

Re: There is 4G wifi router in the device, if the network signal is weak, you can connect with the station wifi signal.

5. How about the lifespan of the phone charging station ?

Re: We use lithium battery as the power storage, at least lasted 3~5years. The metal cabniet made of sheet metal with powder coating finishing. The touching screen with tempered glass protected.

6. Any security solution for the phone charging station ?

Re: There is a small camera installed in front of the cabinet, it will take photos when customer open the cabinet door start charging, and close the door once take it out. Photos will be submit

to the cloud server.

7. Where to get the power for the phone charging station ?

Re: The battery can be charged by AC power, Large power bank, Solar system and gas generator.

8. Why  this smart phone charging station software control system is valueable ?

Re: The phone charging service is basical demand, and the smart control system is able to control the charging fee collected before start charging.


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