Fiberglass kiosk for telecommunication portable office point of sales

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It is a collapsible fiberglass house, a portable kiosk, a mini prefabricated office !


Item No. SK08B
Product Name Curve Shape Fiberglass Collapsible Kiosk for telecommunication company
Application Telecommunication agency service room, Betting ticket station
Material Fiberglass thickness 4mm
Finishing Original color with hand painting logo
Open Size 140x240x260cm
Solar system 120W solar panel, 12V 60AH lithium iron battery as option
Remark Customized color is available. 35pcs/40ft HQ



Fiberglass kiosk for telecommunication portable office point of sales

“ How can we produce beautiful and cool telecommunication portable office ? “

It is a long trip take over 6 months for Mr Sam involve the bid of Africell, he is sales project manager in Guangzhou Welink Technology, which concentrate on all kinds of kiosk and trolley production for brand agency all over the world, the main market is Africa. Especially telecommunications, beverage, cigarette and lottery brand agency.

Sam got enquiry from, as company website with a lot of telecommunications brand point of sales project example. Also there is another fiberglass kiosk order in production for Caribbean customer for lottery. He organized all useful information and kiosk catalogue to customer. Together with kiosk price list for reference. Later he got videos and logo file from customer. Then he asked for colleague Mr Lu make a 3D model drawing based on Africell logo. Based on exist

Collapsible structure Metal kiosk item SK11, SK02, as this two items already exported to Africa, SK11 to MTN Liberia and SK02 to South Sudan sports lottery company. Maybe this give impression for Africell team, then Sam got revised drawing of SK02. It is really very lovely graphic design outside. And obviously African culture style. And client’s designer made different color and drawing based on previous drawing. Sam send offer sheet together with solar powered system.

After 3 months later, Sam got updated drawing with complete different kiosk design drawing from client. It is very special Shape fiberglass kiosk. And they give up the metal kiosk solution, due to heat resistant and rusty problems. The outlook appearance really very attractive. The kiosk with rolling shutter door in front. Same continue give updated 3D rendering Drawing for client. And send offer same as client request. At the same time, he organized another fiberglass kiosk design List offer for client.

One month later, Sam got a new video with new kiosk list item SK08B, with extra folding door and folding chair at the site.LED signage screen in front, and led light bulbs at side wall. The table and chair can be folded up, the roof is able to folded into the kiosk top part. Designer Mr Lu provide an revised solution for the extra folding door part as below. Client accept the solutions and arranged the 1st mass production order.

During the mass production process, Mr Sam take serious attention for the color, he prepared one color sample piece and send to client via DHL express. The color made according to international pantone code. Different from metal, the color of fiberglass without finishing fading, as when workers produce the parts, they will brush color polyester liquid on white mesh. Total around 8 layers and 8 times.

After color confirmed, Sam arranged factory develop wooden mould, then fiberglass mould. It took time total 20days.The wooden mould engraved by CNC cutting machine, it will take long time for this kind of 3D engraving. Then mould development staff make fiberglass mould and polishing surface again and again. So that avoid the finishing defects in mass production. All the parts break down, so that save volume of sea freight.


Mass production and packing, workers prepared metal tube frame, so that easier loading containers. Also convenient for client uploading from the container with forklift.


Sample assembled outdoor

After 3 months, Sam got photos from client, the kiosk installed at the site. It is outstanding in the environment. With very special hand painting graphic in front. Client like it very much.




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