Custom lighted signage tea branded wall display

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Custom lighted signage tea branded wall display

Design concepts :

We want to achieve new design concept of brand point of sales in distributors shop. Tea is traditional commodities with thousands of years history. There are a lot of tea table, wooden material tea display stand, How can we achieve unique embedded point of sales appearance ? Although this is made in China, but we want to be globalization, not just concentrate on Chinese traditional pattern. What is the global attractive design philosophy ? It is modern and natural style. How can we understand modern natural pattern ?

Point 1 : We did not use traditional wooden or ceramic material for whole frame,  wooden is heavy, and ceramic is not durable for display, and not easy to do back light.


Point 2 : We use LED harmony light effect for the round circle, it is yellowish feeling. It gives warm feel towards everyone. Lighting brightness is modern display compared with old ancient display.

Point 3 : Tea is origin from nature, it is healthy drinks compared with wine. We want respect nature, so the outlook elements we use mountain, and the moon, also with wooden grain on the

surface. It is UV printing on sheet metal.  The curve bended clear acrylic looks like cloud in the sky.

Point 4 : Golden leaf achieve mountain shape, and traditional pattern at the corner, why we still use some elements of traditional Chinese pattern ? Due to the tea industry culture is the life

memory of all the world. We have to respect exist global tea culture.

Innovation is not means 100% new material and new technology. Any kinds of production not able to be separated from culture background, and not able to live without respection for customers

habit and their culture memories. Modern not means anti traditional, not means just refresh new outlook , new color and new pattern. Modern should be humanistic.


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