Curve Shape Metal Folding Kiosk for Telecom brand point of sales

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PRODUCT NAME Curve Shape Metal Folding Kiosk for Telecom brand point of sales
APPLICATION Telecom agency service room, Betting ticket station
MATERIAL Sheet metal thickness 0.8mm
FINISHING Colorful powder coating with silk screen printing logo
OPEN SIZE 55” L x 55” W x 114 1-8” H
REMARK Solar panel is able to install on the top cover
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Packing Details:

Part Name Ctn size(cm) N.W(kgs) G.W(kgs)
1/3 Top panel & curve pole 146x89x30cm 53.50 60.00
2/3 Bar & counter & wall 128x128x14cm 61.00 77.00
3/3 Windows & door 123x107x14cm 52.50 55.00
167.00 192.00


  1. High visibility VI: full VI main color with uniform logo printed. 3 sides with silk screen printing logo.
  2. Durable: sheet metal material, strong enough.
  3. Foldable: open and close it in two hour.
  4. Large space: two staff can sit inside, and some goods storage keep inside.


Why we use metal collapsible structure kiosk for telecom company communications towards marketing ?

  1. Flexiable and convenient enough for service point of sales in city and town.
  2. Economical way achieve durable terminal sales network compared with real estate shop.
  3. Easy moving from place to place, small volume for shipping cost. Volume: 0.85CBM/set, 85sets/1*40ft HQ.


Application site: telecom communication staff sit on folding chair, put tablet computer on the counter board inside.

Our Design Concepts for Telecom Brand  point of sales solution based on metal collapsible kiosk


Easy transportation: Thinking about we move a small house on the road, or we ship a mini shop from China to Africa, it will be huge space in the container. Very high cost for sea freight cost and destination inland transportation cost to all of the point of sales. After break down, only 15% volume of assembled kiosk.


Durable: All the wall panels and top ceiling with enhanced bar so that avoid hitting or beating destroy, it is fireproof compared with wooden house. With mesh metal window protection, when staff working in the kiosk, keep the staff safety inside.


Easy Customized Color Finishing: both inside and outside, we can do customized color and logo printing.


Beauty for outdoor Sight Seeing: it is a colorful mini house, artist taste, draw customers attention to the shop. It can be part of the city culture.


Solar kits :Solar panel can be installed at the top of kiosk, and this can drive small fan for cooling. And phone charging. Led lighting for night work.


Why Africa telecom brand company use metal collapsible kiosk as their point of sales ?


Metal kiosk is widely used in Africa market. Why the brand agency use kiosk for their off line sales points ? One of the advertising project company manager who provide signage & display materials said: “ where there is a kiosk, there will be a small market growing at country side or the town.” People gathering alont the kiosk. Africa mobile money service increased at high speed during the past years. They required very fast network set up solutions, also they want it is removable, once they find out better place with higher people flow, they can move it. Without installation cost loss, compared with their shop in real estate building. There are large area advertising area at 4sides of the wall outside. The brand agency can do advertising for other company and get profit from the advertising media position rent.


Daily work telecom company staff use this kiosk ?

Ms Linda is belong to one of the biggest telecom company in their country. Everyday, she is walking to her work office.Or she will ride the bike to there. As there is no public bus to there. When she go to the office, this is one mini office just allow

Two person sit inside. She open the door, and take out the 3 sides window support line. Then take out the tablet computer,

Waiting for customer, coming. Her main work is do new customer mobile money account register, or make cash exchange service for customers. There is a metal drawer in the kiosk for cash. Everyday, the telecom company financial department will go to every service point to check the cash storage and the working records of all points.


Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

Curve Shape Metal Folding Kiosk for Telecom brand point of sales


Telecom agency service room, Betting ticket station


Sheet metal thickness 0.8mm


Colorful powder coating with silk screen printing logo

Open Size

55” L x 55” W x 114 1-8” H


Solar panel is able to install on the top cover


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