Cigarette Vending Tray with Strap

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SIZE 500X400X150mm
APPLICATION Cigarette, Candy, Electronic accessories vending
MATERIAL 420D oxford waterproof fabric , Red
PACKING 10pcs/ctn. 53x43x30cm/ctn
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PT00 Vending Tray with Strap is suitable for light weight small commodities vending, especially for cigarette. The appearance just like a backbag, this shape recall people’s memory of the most long history street hawkers. Hawkers can take it walking along the street, and crying for sale. Many people will see the logo printed in front, and the cigarette display in open and fall down cover. With high visible red color, this bag draw attention to the customers while walking through the hawker. It is great help for vendors, people easy to start their own business via this vending tray. Very simple portable shop solution, but really useful for cigarette promotion and retail.



  1. High visibility VI: full VI main color with uniform logo printed. Outside and inside logo printing.
  2. Waterproof: waterproof oxford fabric, easy to be cleaned.
  3. Foldable: open and close it in 10 seconds.
  4. Flexiable: you can do back hanging, or holding in front.


Why we use Cigarette Vending Tray with Strap ?

  1. Friendly outlook: like a tray, familiar with everyone daily life, but very special unfolded front display panel, this point will get different attractions of customers.
  2. Eye catching Display: one part display on the open cover channel is visible from far away, the tray part just put some storage.
  3. Convenient for street vendors, very light weight, easy moving from place to place.Economical way achieve moveable terminal sales network.
  4. Customized color and graphic: Not only the advertising logo on the cover, but also inside printed high visibility area, the whole table can do customized powder coating color based on brand VI logo main color. Color durabilityover 3~5years.


How does Cigarette Vending Tray with Strap help brand agency increase sales performance ?


Wendy is one of the vendor working for a cigarette company. She start his own business by selling the cigarette along the street. She just got this bag from the cigarette company free charge. Everyday Wendy will go to the cigarette company warehouse, collect enough goods into the bag, and take it by hand. She will open the front cover and display some samples in front, when he find out a suitable place, she will stand and crying for sale, if she tired,

she will take along with a plastic folding chair, so that comfortable sit down when she do selling. There are many different kinds of cigarette for select, so customer will taste sample, if they want get more option, they can also scanning the code on the bag, purchase goods on E shop, there are more richful candies in on-line shop. This vending tray bag give the 3rd options for mini shop business owner. And do benefit for brand agency attract customers off-line. The Vending Tray with Strap creat a new way between real estate shop and e shop, this bag is able to help both of them. If you want to know more possiblities of this bag, just make a trial order to test the market feedbacks.

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Cigarette, Candy, Electronic accessories vending


420D oxford waterproof fabric , Red


10pcs/ctn. 53x43x30cm/ctn


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