Portable Branded Union Pop up Market Business Plan for Africa

What is brand union pop up market for Africa ?

1. A market where brands can sell product. Brands discount Union Market.

2. A portable weekly market on open space.

3. Booth equipments with folding table or trolleys.

4. Low cost for booth keeper or brand agents. No need stock warehouse.

5. Market operator do advertising and marketing, on line potential customers attraction.

6. Customers can buy from offline booth and e-shop.

For the portable market to make a lot of sense in Africa there must be good differential value for the buyers and the sellers

for sellers:


  1. why should they gives us the products @ discounted rates when existing markets is still delivering?

Re: All the brand agency have budget for their promotion activities every year, when they want promote their new products, or their stock sales, they will give special discount for distributors, and many brands such as cloth, their special size not so attractive, so they will

sale it in outlets, advertising as ” Brand Discount Show “. Exist business square market compared with the pop up market, not only the renting cost, but also the different status

goods. It is not competition with exist higher level market, it is coordinate relationship. At downtown or rural area, the pop up market give possibility for customers reach good productions. We are not able to point out it is the lowest price production, it should be brand discount favor. Unless people will think about it is low quality rubbish products.

  1. What volume of sales will the new market drive?

Re: It is supplement for old market, more convenient for downtown or rural area. Also give

rural farmers and craft man chance for market gathering time. They come to this market won’t pay any money. Is there some weekly or monthly markets exist ? With suitable commodities sale in this market, people will remember and go to the market. Even we can

thinking about it is another kinds of goods exchange market. Part of activites modern commercial, another part is traditional business model. It is part of culture. All people can come to this market, and sale their own special commodities. Or city people can sale their vacant second hand things. Many industry have second hand goods. Especially many company import from overseas container by container.

  1. What cost will justify the risk & sacrifice involved?

Re: Take time to find out suitable place, and set up agreements for the space application.

Check all the goods seller, and make sure the goods is legally resources. Make necessary advertising for people gathering to the market. Persuade brand agency give resources for their agents. Support your market and join into your market for promotion activities.

  1. What experience do we have doing this and what’s our success story in the past?

Re: There are a lot of pop up market in China. No matter in rural area weekly market, but also weekend or festival market in large city. Combined with all kinds of social communications culture topic. It is not only one function which just sale discount products.

but also mixed with music and dancing games together. Even it can be Pets competitions.

  1. How long can we run with this before competition will come alongside?

Re: this is not fighting business. At first stage, it is big enough market, you need more and more competition join in this kind of market, it will let all of you get more chance towards

market. You are leader of the market, after more competition join in, you are able to change your main business content to be more professional brand union market. and set up

software system for this market, help seller growing with your advertising & marketing ability. Display & show solutions etc. Anyway, concentrate on higher value parts.

  1. What is the Products’ stock/inventory systems plan for this type of market to minimize client”s cost?

Re: 1st of all, use brand agency stock at different grade distributors warehouse. and their logistic ability;  2nd, use Chinese supplier warehouse at Lagos; 3rd, use the express service

company logistic warehouse ability, and the e shop function such as Jumia, or you can use FLOWVISUAL simple e shop system. We can help you gathering the customer registered account in the market, and sharing the market information when and what kinds of goods will be sold, send information to all registered customers mobile phone with messages. The customers can sharing their purchase experience on line, then brand agency and seller will know which items is the most popular, and prepare right commodities next time.

  1. What are the other benefits of this market to the brand (s)

Re: There are more customer flow compared with old way promotion activities, and lower their cost of each time for their marketing activities. We can consider they just pay very small money join many times show. No need prepare so many stock.

  1. How long does it take to get all the brands to agree to this new market idea/concept?..

Re: It depend on the market operator. Once the customer flow growing, and the market sales amount growing, surely the brands will come to you. You are set up a platform.

9. How do you get the whole community to know about this portable market effective that will drive traffic to the venue at a reasonable low cost?


Re: Not ask for people from city center to rural area. This market trying to attract people near this market several kilometers. Such as near the town center. Or some place in city but it is leave unused earth.

for the customers/buyers:


  1. How far & how big is the market & how many products can be bought in the market?

Re: can be from 20 ~ 50 booths scale, step by step. around 100 ~ 300 sqm. Food, Cloth, electronics, lottery, telecom service, cigarettes, solar light, phone charging station, fruits,

vegetables, art decorations, home appliances etc.

  1. How safe the market place?

Re: try to find the place near university, near government office, or police station etc. When there are 20 booth keeper in a group, do you think it will be dangerous than 1 or 2 booth keeper alone ?


  1. What are the benefits of buying at a portable market over other available markets?

Re: Convenient, lower price, many special commodities, such as second hands, and craft man work.

  1. Is there any government support (ministry of trade) & protection for this market & goods sold?

Re: This market can help government increase a lot of job chance. People join this market,not only for transaction, but also for playing. Social communications, even some games, show, musician or dancing, or sports movements. Commercial together with entertainment,sports, festival, holiday party etc. We can thinking about benefit government economic and culture development.


Our company


FLOWVISUAL is multi-functional pop up market solution maker. Who provide creative design mobile vending trolley & kiosk, smart solar phone charging station and Rynboo network community system. We made all endeavors to expand customers at high cost performance for brand agency from all over the world.


FLOWVISUAL was founded in 2015 and located at Guangzhou, China. With outstanding experience about easy set up branded pop up mini shop, portable advertising cart media , brand union theme market, decentralized network knowledge mutual creation platform, our team always carry out belief ” Traditional with Innovation, Lifelong learning, Positive attitude “.


FLOWVISUAL has over 30 patents design with mass order applied in different industry at home and abroad. Our project program related famous brand agency such as MTN, Airtel, Africell, Premier bet, Camel, Grey goose, GSB sports, Tusker, Super Sallez, Bantu Bet, Easy Bet, Stephan Vsky etc.


FLOWVISUAL will make contribution to brand union market via following methods: enabling professional knowledge creation community communication on line and off-line, build relationship between China supply chain and pop up market operators, supply qualified vending tools and advertising materials.


FLOWVISUAL, All for Easy Brand Marketing !


I am wondering create new kind of marketplace compared with traditional real estate shop and normal e shop.

Create multi functional pop up market and decentralized network community, people go the the market not only for business buying or selling. but also for reminiscent life entertainment, for lifelong learning, for interesting movements, make new friends, and knowledge sharing.

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