Lottery Brand POS ticket station flowvisual points creative design for sales performance upgrade

There are lot of lottery point of sales, every country have thousands of agents, almost each town have ticket station. Some simple lottery station design, with portable style, such as below luggage style trolley box Item PT47. With 3 sides

High visible advertising graphic, when it is extended, appearance as a square table counter. With wheels at the bottom,

When it is folded by hinge, and drawbar for easy moving along the road.

Metal folding display table open and close Metal folding display table sample photos


With fantastic imagination, item PT05 metal folding trolley lottery station, similar as outer space working station, when it is open and closed, similar as transformers. There is petrol motor under the cabinet, so that drive 3pcs TV screen for sports activities broadcasting, there is a ticket

Machine in the drawer. Customer can write the tickets applications, or do the scratching card gambling. Outside poster with Africa style, great visual impaction for selling outdoor.

Design Concept 3D drawing Branded Lottery Station drawing Folded Lottery Station Cart Unfolded Lottery Station


With unique appearance betting station kiosk, it can be the best option draw attention to the customer outdoor. Item SK09 curve shape betting station, collapsible structure with branding, can be fixed on concrete floor. It looks like a small house, and easy moving from one place to another place, we can consider it as flow commercial real estate. It is new trendency for branded pop up shop.

Lottery Station Kiosk at Site  Betting Station Kiosk 3D drawing Collapsible Structure Betting Kiosk Technology Drawing

One of the most poor country in the world, betting business development well. Many people are keen to improve their life via draw a

prizewinning ticket in a lottery. So lottery brand agency invest a lot for their stations. Size 140x140x290cm metal collapsible kiosk, 2~3 persons can be sit inside. There are 3 windows can be reception counter for customers. Staff can open the window from inside, only way go inside is use key. It is strong enough, normal tools is not able to destroy the kiosk and stole the money. There are screws at the bottom fixed on concrete floor. And all installation screws hide from inside. The security window mesh protect staff from attack outside, when they are working in kiosk.

The most simple solution is item PT03, injection mould plastic promotion table, both of the table and umbrella can be folded. You can fix the umbrella from the hole on table top as below. With fabric bag, you can take it along and walking along street. Total weight only 7kgs.


Upgrade version solution is our item PT50 3sides metal folding table with umbrella fixed. The metal table function is not only as business consultant counter, you can put notebook computer on it, but also used as the umbrella base, keep the umbrella stable at outdoor windy environment.

One new design baghanging display board, there are dozens of transparent plastic ticket bag on it, Staff can hanging this board in front, walking along the road, and crying for ticket selling. Any private agents of betting brand agency, they are able to build a lot of flowvisual pop up shop on a person with baghanging lottery tickets display board. The scratching card

Insert into the clear plastic bag on the board draw attention to the customers walking along the betting agents staff.

Compared with outdoor POS solutions, the lottery brand agency terminal have much more options. For the scratching card display on the shop table top, or on the supermarket shelfs. There are several kinds of clear plastic display box as below. The scratching card with normally international standard size : 5*10CM, 7.5*10CM and 10*10CM.

The most economical application is clear acrylic injection mould display box, you can put 4batch scratching card, or 12batches, put on the table, or hanging on the wall.

Hanging on the supermarket or street shop shelfs is the most convenient way. There a lot of hook into the holes.Customer

Can buy scratching card same as they select commodities in supermarkets, no need extra labor for service. They can do scratching at the checkout counter. The acrylic display box with lock on it. It is easy for staff fill the scratching card into the box after it is empty. The 2nd design is straight simple display frame, which is able to display 5 items scratching card, just with plastic backplate, and cleaer plastic bag. Logo printed on the top of the frame. No matter it is simple or complexity, once we thinking about the point of sales solution, the keypoint is suitable for increase sales performance under the lowest equipments and material investment.

Never ignore this kind of micro advertising display application, due to the most simple way, the brand agency can expand their business at high speed, and enlarge their income in a short time, then it is reasonable. The covering range and quantity is very important to any famous brand agency, not just thinking how to achieve creative and unique design applications. From different marketing materials solutions, we can achieve different target. Brand agency off-line sales points system building, it is long term strategy for every company. It is fully open mind for integrated marketing stage.

Based on above simple design concept, why we have to build a strong kiosk and invest hundreds of dollars. This can be much simple, and more cheap, but also useful. Let’s suppose our application site, if we do outdoor promotion activities is not under crazy storm, and heavy wind weather, in fact, nobody will come out for betting in bad weather. So we are thinking the solution: under slight wind, the kiosk with a certain extend anti sunshine effect, also keep the customers

scratching in privacy. At least nobody can see their face when they are doing scratching card. With a metal folding table, and diameter 2.6m solar umbrella fix on the table, the special umbrella with 75% surrounded waterproof and anti sunshine trims from the top till the floor. The complete outlook similar as a kiosk with open door. All these tools can be folded and put at the back of car, or just hanging in a bag. Staff is able to bring it along with them, and start up their work

at any time any place.

Betting company in rich country completely different, they brand agency want to achieve unique appearance design,

It is very exquisite design, as below kiosk, it can be sight seeing of the city, normal design won’t draw any attention to customers, and it is not good for brand impression towards market. High level elegance and particular customization cool design, premium stainless steel structure, luxury tone. Lead to outstanding brand image.

A compromise solution is this item PT36B betting station trolley, with solar powered, provide power for ticket machine, also for staff phone charging. And customer phone charging. FLOWVISUAL pop up shop, give proper solutions for different

Countries lottery and betting brand agency, we always fighting for customer value, wondering how to achieve higher sales performance and brand image in the market.

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