Grey Goose Vodka brand agency purchasing bar pub cart import from China

Grey Goose Vodka brand agency purchasing bar pub cart import from China

Why choose FLOWVISUAL as supplier for the bar pub cart ? GG marketing team made a plan for their point of sales promotion plan, most of their point of sales is bar pub. In order to get attractive impression for customers, marketing designer made a drawing design, 304 stainless steel main structure, with 22inch wheels at back and smaller wheels in front. new blue pattern on it. The outlook shape as half of watermelon. They find out a local advertising & promotion material company TK for this project. Responsible for import, quality assurance and dispatching work.

TK find out a supplier FLOWVISUAL on, this supplier have a lot of vending cart design, for different products display and retail. Also have similar cart program export to USA Select Design with stainless steel sheet and wheels for hand pushing. Just take around two days, FLOWVISUAL design team finished a 3D rendering drawing. Follow GG designer structure, and outlook pattern. Detail requirements for the white wheels type. The white wheels seldom used for cart due to dirty problem, only some children’s bicycle factory use this.

There are many special requirements for the accessories. Such as powder coating finishing on the metal, with pantone code 287C. It is not regular color in powder coating supplier system. Customization production is not easy for sample development. White tyre wheel 22inch and 12inch. Blue front wheels fork. This unit just come from childs bicycle parts.

The shape of the cart surrounding is curve, so not able to achieve printing on it. Only solution is digital printing sticker. There is one problem happened when FLOWVISUAL engineer develop the sample, if assemble the straight fork, when people pushing it along the road, the front wheels direction may reverse or not easy ajust the direction. After bend it with 15 degree, problem resolved. The round stainless pole fixed at the edge for table top glass bottle protection.

Regard the packing way, breaking down is more safe. In order to make sure final end user easier work, FLOWVISUAL assembled the top table steel pole and the front wheel fork. After the GG cart arrive at the bar pub, end user only need use the tools assemble the pushing bar, and the wheels.


After the mass production, TK arranged 3rd party QIMA to do inspections. Fully 48 pages report including  main specifications, color, size, quantity, pattern, powder coating finishing, assemble process, packing protection safety etc.



Espeically for the powder coating quality testing, inspector use knife cutting the blue surface with 10×10 lines, no powder layer released from the face.



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