FLOWVISUAL new solution for MTN point of sales brand marketing in Africa

FLOWVISUAL new solution for MTN point of sales brand marketing in Africa

FLOWVISUAL, come from Guangzhou, China. Involved in MTN related advertising signage & graphic & display products over 7 years since 2015. Our business through agent or project company which can submit bidding documents. Hereby our series solutions for new MTN branding point of sales, with metal signage, metal folding display table, retail trolley along the street, collapsible kiosk, and solar phone charging stations.

Maybe for simpler printing cost consideration, MTN new logo with just 2 pure color. Yellow and black. Look at old & new logo. It is a long time for MTN operated in Africa, most of countries have huge quantities branches in city and countryside. How can we provide value for MTN brand marketing ?


The most simple products is MTN digital printing banner with grommet which can be hanging on the wall. Their MOMO agent provide services : 1. send & receive money. 2. deposit & withdraw money. 3. buy airtime & data. 4. pay bills. These are basically off line service, telecom brand agency have to set up business point of sales enough, so that cover customers demand. Why they import printed advertising poster from China rather than buy them from Africa local manufacturer ? Due to the quality control and production efficiency. Higer level quality and durability grade option will be PVC and aluminum composite panels.

L shape metal signage and A board, widely used for MTN country agents. Just as visible guide of any small shop which signed agents contract with MTN.

Metal folding table with umbrella is applied in many countries long time. Very strong and durable solution for portable service points.

Moving trolley cart along the street also did great benefit for MTN agents. They can put some commodities at the back cabinet with locker. Can you compared the 3D rendering drawing with real production photos ? Almost no difference.

Traditional portable office outdoor as below. With fiberglass, sheet metal technology.

The most economical option we developed in 2022 as below, with size 130x130x210cm. Pressing mould fiberglass thickness 4mm. Customzied yellow color in mass production are available.

Unit price based on 80pcs/40ft HQ only USD450.00/pc. Almost same as sheet metal pricing, but no rusty, no corrosions, color consistent.




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