Cooperation possibility between Tecno Africa point of sales and Flowvisual China

Cooperation possibility between Tecno Africa and Flowvisual China

Africa market with great potential towards investors, as average age of population only 19 years old. Fast growing population will reach 1.6 billion in 2030. Just few apps such as facebook, whatsapp for social, and e-businss Jumia, Logistic Speedof, and music apps Boomplay are well-known. Payment company increasing fast during the past years, but no leader can spread all of Africa countries fluently. There are still a lot of blocks between each countries, it is not easy for African set up consistent market with same rules and regulations. There are five top developed countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia. Most of their industry depend on Agriculture, Mine industry and Energy industry, manufacturering bases are weakness. Total 54 dependant countries with different languages, letters, markets. The export business mainly about farm commodities, mines, petrol etc. China invested in Africa a lot of water project, traffics, telecommunications, port and trains etc.

Tecno is the most famous mobile phone brand in Africa, which is belong to Transsion China. It is easy to sea Tecno signage and advertising everywhere. In West Africa and East Africa countries, Transsion have different class brand for mobile phone : Itel, Infinix and Tecno.  Also with Boomplay as their music apps which have most of musician knowledges patent. Tecno did research special for Africian people demands, their mobile phone is suitable for Africian take photos, and battery long lasted, with multiple SIM cards available. Cost is acceptable compared with other brands. Most of the phones with bascial function for air phone talking. Pricing from 20~100 dollars. Affordable pricing is the key point for Africa market.


Flowvisual concentrate on same market with Tecno from China. Flowvisual products is able to coordinate Tecno.  As Africa mobile market is tranferring from function phone to smart phone. Power charging demand will increase a lot. Present phone charging environment is not convenient and expensive, if the national grid is short of power. It is possible for Tecno provide some free charge service or make great discount for phone charging service. It will did great benefit to customers. Multiple site application will be visible advertising effect, customers data easy to get. It is small point of sales which is able to lower Tecno accessories agents cost. The mini shop design gives agents flexiable options.

Tecno may use solar phone charging station provide service to their agents, so  that strengthen compeition ability in Africa market, benefit their customer a lot in long time.






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