Cigarette Vending Trolley and Shop Displays Outlook & Structure Options

Transnational cigarette brands which is famous as : Marboro, Camel, Winston from USA, Blackdevil from Holand, Pine 7 from Korean, Dunhil, Pallmal, Kent from UK etc. All belong to private company. Different from Chinese Tobacco are nationalized owned.


Africa cigarette market almost occupied by transnational tobacco brands, such as: Pine 7 in Mozabique from Korea cooperate with Blackdevil from Holand. Guangzhou Welink Technology Co.,Ltd “ FLOWVISUAL” pop up branding shop solution, provide one stop solutions for cigarette brand point of sales network set up materials. We considered all different scene of retails, and pay attention to limited budget, and convenience for sales person experience. Overall, we will try our best to do any creative concepts and professioinal solutions so that matching with cigarette marketing target.


PT00 is the most simple cigarette vending material, it is a waterproof fabric backbag, with red color background and black logo printed. There is rubber belt at the cover for cigarette sample display, 10pcs different cigarettes pack can be displayed in front of retailor. Vendors walking along the road, the customer are able to see the samples displayed in front of vendor’s bag. After finish one day’s working, vendors just fold the bag by zip tie. And carry the bag on his back. It is a functional tool, and cost also lower.

Item PT36 is a cubic shape metal cabinet style portable vending cart, there is round rube socket for solar umbrella fixing. With 3 sides large area advertising graphics, impressive visual impact towards people walking along. With a folding chair, vendors can sit along the trolley. Back side wheels lead to easy moving along the road after working. It is an interesting design, the cigarette pack display inside of the top lid, with fixing channel, when the lid open, the cigarette pack won’t be drop, just sliding a little when you insert into the channel display. The price tag at left and right side, easy take it down or put it on. This is not only a portable display cabinet, not only a pop up shop, but also a portable advertising media display.

The sales staff dressing advertising polo, and advertising hat, also can be an visual point, same idea with beer brand promotion.

Camel cigarette in Africa, they also use our item PT36 portable cigarette vending trolley as their marketing point of sales. There are two aluminum snap frame at two sides for advertising poster display. Very easy to change the graphics.

US and UK tobacco company also invested a lot in Africa, they use ash tray with logo printing, used as public equipment. It is not only advertising material, but also get high reputation due to their contribution towards public health and environmetal. To some extend, many public devices and equipments can be both of functional tools and brand advertising materials. It is long lasted brand logo visual points. Such as ash tray & bin. garbage bin and roadlight with light box, public bus station light box. For some poor countries, the government may admit private company support their local public devices system build up, and give some advertising media position at the same time. It is win-win relationship.


Item PT02E is one of the most simple trolley box design, with bottom metal support frame, and the top with lid case, we can use it as hand holding suitcase, and fold it when finish selling work everyday. We can say it is “ Branded Pop Up shop at the hand “.


Luggate style item PT02E also one of the classic design, it can be put on the table counter, or stand on the floor by the folded metal frame. There is one clear acrylic window display, when vendors off work, drugging it along the road, without any outside advertising poster, people will see the cigarette packing from the small cigarette window display. After open the top lid, and open the two sides flips, we can see the samples display channels inside of the lid, also the advertising poster at the side panels.


Item PT41 is one of the most richful functions cigarette vending cart, with large space for storage, with umbrella insert into the table face, chair

Close to the cabinet, cigarette pack sample displayed at the back of clear acrylic window, without extra advertising graphic outside of the cabinet. Nearly whole mini cigarette pop up shop.


The cigarette display box on the counter of small shop or supermarket cashier counter, also can be considered as mini sales of point. The wall mounted cigarette display cabinet with backlit advertising graphics surrounding, draw attention to customers who paying at the cash desk area.

Below new design cigarette & wine display cabinet with light box, can be put on the table counter, or hanging on the wall. For cigarette brand pop up shop solutions, we can make it to be a display box, or display cabinet light box, just provide solutions based on application environment.

Mild, Winston, Pallmal at South East Asia Philipine, with cigarette pack shape appearance, the outlook itself can be advertising visual point.

How to achieve unique outlook impression is very important for any brand agency, especially when the impression can be directly call memory

Of the related products. Item PT01 and PT10 is just large version cigarette pack. All design origin is life, all creative advertising media have to

Live in people’s life environment, and matching with other devices & materials very well. We are not wondering things without any memories,

Our design concepts always concern: “ Design for people’s Daily life, Design as life live together with people, increase happiness and relax. “

Different kinds of acrylic cigarette pusher, easy to take the cigarette pack, after you take one pack, the pusher will pushing new cigarette pack forward, you can display it by horizontal, or straightly, all depend on application site requirements.

Below small cigarette display frame with wall mounted structure, you can fix it on the wall by screws, also hanging at the edge of supermarket shelf, easy operation, suitable for any supermarket shelfs or small street shop cashier desk background wall.

Here a lot of Dunhill applications in Africa real estate shop, including table top counter, or hanging on the wall, or beautiful sample display on high level window display such as airport display counter.



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