Cerfitications requirements of Ethiopia government for import solar parts system

Cerfitications requirements of Ethiopia government for import solar parts system

Since Feb 15th, 2022, all buyers in Ethiopia import solar parts have to prepare COC for custom clearance. FLOWVISUAL solar charging station including solar panel, lithium battery and solar controller. All these parts have to submit IEC testing report. COTECNA is the agency who is authorized by Ethiopia government. The valorem fees regulation as below. Minimum USD265.00/bill. All the cargos have to do pre-shipment inspection by COTECNA. Total minimum fees will be : USD265.00 x 1.06 = USD280.90. No matter it is sample or mass production. It is very strict regulation. It is great challenge for Chinese company follow all the detail requirements.

Normally,  when we ship the battery to oversea market, we have to prepare MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ), with composition informations. For lithium battery, we use the most safety Lithium iron phosphate battery type, which is able to bear higher temperature. The report including hazards identification, first aid measures,fire fighting measures, and accident release measures. How to handling and storage,  exposure controls/ personal protection, physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, toxicological information, ecological information,disposal consideration, transport information, regulation informations.


COC Ethio required IEC 62133 report for lithum battery, IEC61215 for solar panel. It is better have IEC61730 report. For gel battery required IEC60896-21/22 and IEC61427. Suppliers normally not able to provide full testing report, or time unvalid report, it is also rejected by COTECNA. Solar controller former supplier not able to give testing report for their products. Only front page of the verification of LVD compliance. Our battery technology data is different from the testing report, the capacity is different. In order to treat with this kind of issues flexible, COTECNA send a PID format ( Product identify declaration ), just submit the differences of certified product and not certified products about designation, model number, trademark, ratings or other details. There are two different situations, first situation is strictly identical in design, features, components, material, manufacturing process, markings, second situation is similar and have very minor differences that can not impact the safety. Look at below picture.

For the shipping marks, both on product parts and outside carton have to follow the right regulations. Solar panel with series number together with technical data.

After that, we will submit RFC ( Request for certification form) documents. Exporter, Importer, paying party and manufacturer details. Inspection and cargo details, commerical invoice and proforma invoice details. Declarations of the cargos HS code, decriptions, model number, orgin country, applciable standard, manufacturer name or brand name, license number.

Finally, safety packing with wooden case done, and right shipping mark as below photos.


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