Solar Energy Station invest in Somaliland

There are many different kinds of energy in the world,  there are water, mine, gas, nuclear, wind etc. All of them can be used for electric power station. Supply power for National Power Grid.


Mr Steven, who is smalll private African who lives in Europe, he have been to Kenya and saw the Portable Solar powered Phone Charging Station, but there is no such machine in Somaliland where 5 million people live. He want to do a small amount to start with then grow from there in making it as big as possible as there is no competition, also there is another 80 million people population can expand in around, such as East and North Ethiopia, and whole Middle East.


His plan is start with 6pcs with wifi and everything to test the market, if buy too much quantity and it does not work then just being wasteful with money. Add wifi system so he can supply free Wifi for the customers.

Electricity is expensive and there is actually no competition in whole Somaliland. That’s 16 million people of potential csutomers for a business. Somaliland is on the Horn of Africa, it is right on the equator so they get

12 hours of sun in spring, summer antumn and winter. Sunshine 365days a year with rain 1-3 days a year with clear sky. It is perfect weather for solar. So he want have a company logo and colors on it, with sun logo on the station and the umbrella. The charging station can be charged 20 phones at same time.


Supplier Guangzhou Welink Technology give solution as below specifications:

Item No.: PT01C

Speficiation: metal cabinet with powder coating, solar panel 75W*3pcs flexiable style, put it on the 2 layers umbrella leaf. Phones put in the top part lockable door. Bottom cabinet including  one level keep battery and

controller, one level keep some staff tools or small accessories commodity. One light folding stabile sturdy chair for staff use.

Why Sharing Phone Charging Station have great potential in Africa ?

Why Sharing Phone Charging Station have great potential in Africa ?

What does sharing economy means ? Obviously it is business model where things are shared rather than owned. Sharing economy growing very fast during the past 10 years. Such as Airbnb for home sharing, Uber for car sharing. Especially in China, there are a lot of sharing economy type happen. Bicycle sharing, Power charging field, Storage cabinet sharing, Outdoor mini hotel sharing even umbrella sharing, clothes sharing and kitchen sharing etc.

The sharing economy developing depend on internet, particularly the mobile money payment technology applied. With smart phone apps application, people easy to use the sharing service. Very convenient to find out right service, and suitable tools once required. The operators no need spend a lot labor cost to management.


Why sharing economy benefit Africa a lot in future ?

As there are many everyday problems need find out solutions by building business model. Saving application cost of many infrastructure. Most of African people still struggle for basic life. Such as the phone charging service, it is very expensive for people get phone charged when nation grid power is off, and it is Not easy get place for phone charging even pay for the charging service. In some rural or downtown area, people even have to charge their home LED light bulbs, this kind of LED light bulb just used for their home illumination. Many rural area even no Power grid till now. So they have to go to town or city area for power charging. Many real site situations which in Africa is normal but in other country is ridiculous.

One of the great advantage for Africa develop sharing economy, the mobile money service is very convenient in all of the country. There are many payment company, and all their phone number can be an account for mobile money, people can send money, withdraw cash, buy airtime, buy data, loaning or saving. Compared with other mobile money service, Africa technology mainly based on USSD, it is even simple than QR code, just with 2G signal is ok, QR code required 3G or 4G. USSD no need expensive data cost. Also no need expensive smart phone, just use the old style phone without smart screen is workable. The complete application cost is much lower than other countries.

Guangzhou Welink Technology, which concentrate on Africa market. Created full family sharing phone charging station. Including indoor station with AC power and outdoor station with solar powered, sometimes bad weather condition also have gas generator power charging storage solutions. We want to do contribution for Africa market phone charging service cost and convenience. Solar power is the best energy in Africa compared with gas generator power. These innovative solar powered designs eliminate the need for an electrical power supply. Specially engineered to resist the elements. Withstands rain, wind, heat and cold. With removable solar panel and pole, and easily converts to A/C power for indoor use too.