How can we organize FLOWVISUAL branded vending cart union market ?

What is FLOWVISUAL branded vending cart union market ?

It is a new type of market, with features : Easy moving, commodities related to each other, managed by professional agency with special staff. It is different than single brand pop up mini shop.

It is group organized. As you know, it is very difficult for new creative brand get customer flow from website, and high cost to set up their distributors point of sales network. For many young brand company, they don’t have enough capital for marketing and advertising investment, not possible open chain store in short time. and no money for rank of Keywords searching rank on website advertsing. Seldom suitable option for their brand promotion. Though there are some new tools appeared in the market, such TIKTOK, and social media such as Facebook , Youtube and Twitter

etc. These channels are very slow for brand agency gathering customer attentions. Especially achieve self – broadcasting on their social apps. The most economical way for advertising is, try to

create vaueable content, and interesting topic, useful knowledge, experience sharing. The brand culture should be not split to be each single industry, they have to be close to people’s daily life.

For example, when we talk about tea, why we have to concentrate on tea itself. Why not concern about the cup, and the spring water ? When we drink tea, these products are combined in our

life. During brand marketing content design, most of the time, supplier only take time for their own products physical features. It is very boring for customer just get almost same photos, videos

and product descriptions on website e shop. If just use copy version introduction, and use same marketing tools, how can we achieve different brand marketing performance ? It is not possible.


Here below our new strategy concepts :

  1. We can try to build an website community, just with a QR code, we can open the website link from phone, pad and PC pages. Brand agency and their customers can upload their comments, sharing photos, videos, questions, and discuss topic on this website.

2. Life circle brand agencies union marketing. If we can gathering advantages from different companies, with same target customers, it can be big power team towards the market. Maybe some people will thinking it will be great risk for customer contradictions. It is really too narrow sight for future marketing. No customer belong to any brand agency, loyalty depend on benefit towards customers, if there is no attractive culture content, all customer will move to other brand.

3. Traditional internet marketing is centralization, customer flow to the brand agency who can pay higher advertising keywords rank. FLOWVISUAL new strategy is un-centralization, all customers and brand agency can creat their own link area with very low cost.

4. Not only on line marketing social communications, but also off line flow market. Take a look at below example, which FLOWVISUAL hold in 5 star hotel, it is business network international

commerical conference. Sometimes, they move to outdoor grass land for party. There are many different industry vendors, such as red wine, tea, toys, food, watches, fabric bag etc. They come from

completely different industry, business model as manufacturer or distributors or retailor agents.


Look at this item PT24, vodka brand, applied in bar pub or high level hotel. It adapt the environment properly. Impressive sight.


Now the vending cart is not only functional display stand or portable cart, or simple furniture, we can consider as brand culture, it gives people impression of brand, draw attention of party members. Beauty economic not just exist in make up industry or home decocoration industry, we are able to apply it everywhere, any points of visual impact.


Why not give some backlit on the table display ? It looks like a big light box, but also as a folding table. It is made of fabric outside. Surround as cylinder, can be oval, square or round shape.

Customization graphic with back lighted is standard option.

FLOWVISUAL provide different display solution for different products. Tea display trolley indoor,


Watches display trolley box indoor

More and more industry new brand born, FLOWVISUAL willing to help all brand agency achieve unique brand culture towards market, improve marketing performance !





Recall children’s age memory by tricycle vending cart along the street

Tricycle cart along the street

Look at this Rickshaw, probably the oldest form of human taxi service. It is important traffic tool before. Now it applied in some tour area, people just consider this as old culture experience.

As it is already disappeared in daily life.

More than 100 years ago, tricycle used as public tool for people live in big city, this can be cosidered as small business for poor people.


It is old traffic tool around 1980s China, since we already live in modern city, with metro line, public bus, private car. Though it is fresh things when I am a child. There is no car, few people able to

buy a bicycle. My father collect many months salary so that able to get bike so that we can riding bike to the middle school. The postman use it send envelop and package in countryside.

Bicycle becoming sports tools which it is benefit people health. There are many riding road along the car road, as there is no air polution. Most of bicycle factory concentrate on sharing

bicycle or children’s bicyle, or sportsman riding bicycle. While tricycle seldom appeared along the street. We can saw some food cart in the morning, or night market. Sometimes, we can

see there are some tricycle even in the center of shopping mall. Or we can see the girl at night on business square selling fruit and beverage or cold drinks.


Flowvisual Designer thinking about capture traditional culture, and useful devices for brand agency commercial purpose. Our target is help brand agency improve their customer flow

via beautiful display, high visible and easy communication with customers. More and more brand agency required marketing test, and short time events, and show display with unique

design, and try to draw attention of customers along the street. Obviously, brand agency is not working for art, only when they realize it is useful solution improving sales performance.

Most of times, commercial purpose seems contradictions with art. As it is too expensive if we want to achieve unique outlook or shape for the displays. Convenience also very important,

with natural riding function, just riding from one place to another place if just several kilometers.


Look at this reverse riding tricycle ice cream vending cart. With battery powered refrigerator, we can sell ice cream, cold drinks and beverage etc. It is able to install solar umbrella for

sunshine protection. Customized color achieve very speical outlook. Compared with plain black/white color.

Flowvisual designer team pay attention to the technology delveopment of cross industry, while the technology developing year by year, especially the new engery power with lithium battery

booming growing, battery motor applied a lot, it is very useful if people need transport heavy goods. While reverse riding tricycle can be used as portable shop for street selling, front riding

tricycle used for food distribute.


More and more food service company use bicycle for dispatching, they required branding on it. With their VI main color. Our solution towards this demand did great help for their marketing

advertising. Combined with function and visual attraction.

Modern style rickshaw gives different impression to people, convenient and outlook similar as before. Battery power release labor energy.

Manual style front riding tricycle also good options, children is able to sit at back.

Here some program FLOWVISUAL work for beverage brand agency, and tobacco brand point of sales. With colorful appearance and printed logo, high visible advertising poster,

these tricycle vending cart did great help for brand agency retail business. Also useful tools for trading fair, exhibitions and showroom display. In China, government support night market,

more and more street salesman will use this as their own small business tool. It is not only a tricycle or bicycle, but also a moving shop with branding.












PT02 Booth Keeper Vending Trolley box 5 times upgrade records

  1. Application purpose:


& Outdoor promotion activities for retailors

& Mini pop up shop for booth keeper, save rent cost.

& Brand agents use it as display cabinet counter at any off line site


  1. Design concept


& Metallic more strong luggage

& Display table with folding support frame at the bottom

& Sample display: top lid channel

& Storage space: bottom tray with interval sheet

& Advertising poster : box front with digital printing sticker, top lip interior with sticker, main body with brand main color

Powder coating.

& Moving way: hand druggling, or hanging. There is lock at the bottom avoid support frame moving.


  1. Upgrade trip: from 2014 till 2020. After several customers feedbacks, and 5 designer and engineer improvements, different workshop manufacturing experience.


Version 1.0 20141216 defect:put the support pole into the U shape channel, it is simple, but actually the support strength is not good, and not stable. Complete box easy shaking and falling down.

Version 2.0 20141219 Difficulties:solution for 2 support feet 90 degree fixing, long support feet, with special folding lock unit as below drawing. In order to find this kind of standard accessory, we go to furniture hardware components market.

The largest furniture hardware market at Foshan city. These kind of market provide good support for our new products

Innovation. Manufacturing system make good design come true.


Draft drawing with new accessory, “ Japanese Lock”, also add folding spring unit at the back support feet. Due to this useful

Components for furniture angle fixing function, this trolley box can be stand at different angle. Though it is useful and complexity accessory, but it is standard accessory and widely application in furniture industry, the cost is low. And we can get stock from the market easy.

Support piece at the side, not only used as straight side support on the floor, but also used as support between top lid and bottom tray.

Version 3: 20140105 Add slide support folding frame as the photo.

Rubber rope for fixing the cigarette pac, in order to avoid cigarette pack dropping when you open the lid, but the outlooks

Not so good finally.

Version 4: 2019 Change 3 points support to be 4 points support. Single pushing pole changed to be aluminum pulling pole.

There is a spring lock at the bottom keep two feets stable when they are folding and vendors pulling the trolley on the road. We can take this standard pulling pole unit from supplier system, and do customized size.

Version 5: Open lid interior with acrylic UV printing advertising graphic, bring beautiful advertising poster towards people who walking along the trolley box.


& Who red powder coating box inside and outside, with sticker graphic advertising in front of the trolley box.

& Side with plastic handle, you can hold it at hand and walking along the street for selling.

& If the road is smooth, you can pull it via the wheels at the bottom.

& One small trolley box opened at this , a mini sweet pop up shop come out.