Clarity work for handicapped people to make some income via solar phone charging station in Africa

Clarity work for handicapped people to make some income via solar phone charging station in Africa


  1. This is a fixed structure power station along the public place, where have enough light surrounded. The solar panel can be fixed at the top gets more power absorption. Sheet material is solid and strong enough to provide you with long-term use. There are 20pcs of USB outlets for quick charging your devices.


  1. Our Portable Solar Phone Charging Station Cart can charge 20 phones at the same time. The portable solar panel makes it easy to move anywhere you go. The sheet metal material is strong enough to use with cold weather. This solar charging system comes with multiple USB ports, so that everyone can charge their phone at the same time!


  1. Model: SC19 ,Voltage: 12V, Power: 200Watts,energy output: 12V 50Ah Capacity; High quality mono-crystallinesilicon solar panels, efficient and durable. Weatherproof IP tackle all kinds of weather conditions.


4. Are you tired of your smart phone being out of battery when you need it most? The portable mobile solar power station can help you solve this problem especially at country. This solar panel is made from high-quality metal to provide a durable, long-lasting product. With it, you will be able to charge your device or another device quickly and efficiently at outside!


Portable Branded Union Pop up Market Business Plan for Africa

What is brand union pop up market for Africa ?

1. A market where brands can sell product. Brands discount Union Market.

2. A portable weekly market on open space.

3. Booth equipments with folding table or trolleys.

4. Low cost for booth keeper or brand agents. No need stock warehouse.

5. Market operator do advertising and marketing, on line potential customers attraction.

6. Customers can buy from offline booth and e-shop.

For the portable market to make a lot of sense in Africa there must be good differential value for the buyers and the sellers

for sellers:


  1. why should they gives us the products @ discounted rates when existing markets is still delivering?

Re: All the brand agency have budget for their promotion activities every year, when they want promote their new products, or their stock sales, they will give special discount for distributors, and many brands such as cloth, their special size not so attractive, so they will

sale it in outlets, advertising as ” Brand Discount Show “. Exist business square market compared with the pop up market, not only the renting cost, but also the different status

goods. It is not competition with exist higher level market, it is coordinate relationship. At downtown or rural area, the pop up market give possibility for customers reach good productions. We are not able to point out it is the lowest price production, it should be brand discount favor. Unless people will think about it is low quality rubbish products.

  1. What volume of sales will the new market drive?

Re: It is supplement for old market, more convenient for downtown or rural area. Also give

rural farmers and craft man chance for market gathering time. They come to this market won’t pay any money. Is there some weekly or monthly markets exist ? With suitable commodities sale in this market, people will remember and go to the market. Even we can

thinking about it is another kinds of goods exchange market. Part of activites modern commercial, another part is traditional business model. It is part of culture. All people can come to this market, and sale their own special commodities. Or city people can sale their vacant second hand things. Many industry have second hand goods. Especially many company import from overseas container by container.

  1. What cost will justify the risk & sacrifice involved?

Re: Take time to find out suitable place, and set up agreements for the space application.

Check all the goods seller, and make sure the goods is legally resources. Make necessary advertising for people gathering to the market. Persuade brand agency give resources for their agents. Support your market and join into your market for promotion activities.

  1. What experience do we have doing this and what’s our success story in the past?

Re: There are a lot of pop up market in China. No matter in rural area weekly market, but also weekend or festival market in large city. Combined with all kinds of social communications culture topic. It is not only one function which just sale discount products.

but also mixed with music and dancing games together. Even it can be Pets competitions.

  1. How long can we run with this before competition will come alongside?

Re: this is not fighting business. At first stage, it is big enough market, you need more and more competition join in this kind of market, it will let all of you get more chance towards

market. You are leader of the market, after more competition join in, you are able to change your main business content to be more professional brand union market. and set up

software system for this market, help seller growing with your advertising & marketing ability. Display & show solutions etc. Anyway, concentrate on higher value parts.

  1. What is the Products’ stock/inventory systems plan for this type of market to minimize client”s cost?

Re: 1st of all, use brand agency stock at different grade distributors warehouse. and their logistic ability;  2nd, use Chinese supplier warehouse at Lagos; 3rd, use the express service

company logistic warehouse ability, and the e shop function such as Jumia, or you can use FLOWVISUAL simple e shop system. We can help you gathering the customer registered account in the market, and sharing the market information when and what kinds of goods will be sold, send information to all registered customers mobile phone with messages. The customers can sharing their purchase experience on line, then brand agency and seller will know which items is the most popular, and prepare right commodities next time.

  1. What are the other benefits of this market to the brand (s)

Re: There are more customer flow compared with old way promotion activities, and lower their cost of each time for their marketing activities. We can consider they just pay very small money join many times show. No need prepare so many stock.

  1. How long does it take to get all the brands to agree to this new market idea/concept?..

Re: It depend on the market operator. Once the customer flow growing, and the market sales amount growing, surely the brands will come to you. You are set up a platform.

9. How do you get the whole community to know about this portable market effective that will drive traffic to the venue at a reasonable low cost?


Re: Not ask for people from city center to rural area. This market trying to attract people near this market several kilometers. Such as near the town center. Or some place in city but it is leave unused earth.

for the customers/buyers:


  1. How far & how big is the market & how many products can be bought in the market?

Re: can be from 20 ~ 50 booths scale, step by step. around 100 ~ 300 sqm. Food, Cloth, electronics, lottery, telecom service, cigarettes, solar light, phone charging station, fruits,

vegetables, art decorations, home appliances etc.

  1. How safe the market place?

Re: try to find the place near university, near government office, or police station etc. When there are 20 booth keeper in a group, do you think it will be dangerous than 1 or 2 booth keeper alone ?


  1. What are the benefits of buying at a portable market over other available markets?

Re: Convenient, lower price, many special commodities, such as second hands, and craft man work.

  1. Is there any government support (ministry of trade) & protection for this market & goods sold?

Re: This market can help government increase a lot of job chance. People join this market,not only for transaction, but also for playing. Social communications, even some games, show, musician or dancing, or sports movements. Commercial together with entertainment,sports, festival, holiday party etc. We can thinking about benefit government economic and culture development.


Our company


FLOWVISUAL is multi-functional pop up market solution maker. Who provide creative design mobile vending trolley & kiosk, smart solar phone charging station and Rynboo network community system. We made all endeavors to expand customers at high cost performance for brand agency from all over the world.


FLOWVISUAL was founded in 2015 and located at Guangzhou, China. With outstanding experience about easy set up branded pop up mini shop, portable advertising cart media , brand union theme market, decentralized network knowledge mutual creation platform, our team always carry out belief ” Traditional with Innovation, Lifelong learning, Positive attitude “.


FLOWVISUAL has over 30 patents design with mass order applied in different industry at home and abroad. Our project program related famous brand agency such as MTN, Airtel, Africell, Premier bet, Camel, Grey goose, GSB sports, Tusker, Super Sallez, Bantu Bet, Easy Bet, Stephan Vsky etc.


FLOWVISUAL will make contribution to brand union market via following methods: enabling professional knowledge creation community communication on line and off-line, build relationship between China supply chain and pop up market operators, supply qualified vending tools and advertising materials.


FLOWVISUAL, All for Easy Brand Marketing !


I am wondering create new kind of marketplace compared with traditional real estate shop and normal e shop.

Create multi functional pop up market and decentralized network community, people go the the market not only for business buying or selling. but also for reminiscent life entertainment, for lifelong learning, for interesting movements, make new friends, and knowledge sharing.

Solar parts options for FLOWVISUAL solar kiosk and solar phone charging station

Solar parts option for FLOWVISUAL solar kiosk and solar phone charging station

It is a long trip for FLOWVISUAL team do research and product development solar system on kiosk and phone charging station. Especially for the battery. It is the key point of whole system. There are different battery suppliers exist in the market. and different technology, mainly gel battery and lithium battery.

Item PT01B, the development concepts from Sudan customer, he try to to make a TV screen on the trolley station, and use flexiable solar panel for power generator. With 4G wifi router inside provide free wifi service to customers. Unfortunately, although we make great endeavors for the TV screen from supplier, and use their USB disk changing video content for advertising broadcasting, the engineer in Sudan failed assemble and testing for the solar parts. The cables connection not running well. It takes almost 5 months for the sample to Sudan, due to consolidation reason and the sea freight long distance. Anyway, it is nice technology model, solar powered advertising cart with phone charging station service.

Item PT26A, One of Korea customer request very big solar panel rate. The portable trolley solar charging station specifications as below:

1.Solar panel 75W*4pcs. Folding structure, so that easy moving after one day working.
2.Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 12V 40ah. Battery with MSDS. UN38.3, IEC62133. IEC62321. ROHS, UL.
3. Inverter 300W DC12V/AC220V 50HZ. With CE & ROHS.
4.Controller: 12V/24V 30A MPPT controller match MODBUS protocol. With CE & FCC approval.
5. USB connectors 5V2A for 25pcs phone charging And 5pcs AC220V charging socket.
6. Controller with CE and FCC.

SK11 collapsible kiosk structure. Battery capacity with 12V 64ah, and USB connectors 5V 2A for 45pcs phone charging.

The network control system as below instructions.

Another clever customer in Nigeria use very special solution for the solar charging station. It is not full solar panel, just put 20pcs solar power bank. Customer can charging phone via solar power bank on the cart station, also they can buy the solar power bank. It give two options for customer. In order to protect the cart, client bought the GPS tracker, so that the investor are able to manage staff working place records.


With larger version kiosk style solar charging station, FLOWVISUAL made EPS sandwich panel prefab house solution. There are 2pcs 350W solar panel on the roof of the kiosk.
Metal cabinet in the kiosk for electricity. Battery 12V 250ah, Lithium battery 12V/24V 40A inverter. 50pcs 5V 1.5A USB porter, 3pcs DC12V porter, 1pc 220V porter.

Gas station brand even with much bigger volume solar system for their machine. The solar power have to support air conditioner, and computer, also the lifting machine.

Solar power system support air conditioner . computer and the treadmill system
1. Inverter: 10KVA 48V50HZ sine wave MOS.
2. Battery: 200AH12V Battery.
3. Solar controller: 12/24V 60A MPPT Controller
4. Solar panel : 24pcs 270W 30V 1640*992*35mm XC-802 With 3 (10A) diodes and 0.6M 4MM² photovoltmeter with MC4.

Wireless security control smart cloud system support by solar power system
1. Total 5 cameras, 4pcs outdoor and 1pc indoor. connect with 4G wifi router in office.
The alarm system, voice speaker etc.
2. Group management, real time monitor, report system.
3. Out area alarm setting.
4. Record report of the tracks.
5. Checking on computer website or on mobile phone app both available.


For European and America market, the application is not only function, it can be city sight seeing place. It looks like a flower open and folded. For people free charging service.

1. Open size : 4835x5012x2340mm. Folding size: 2000x2000x2340mm.
2. Material: sheet metal with powder coating. Thickness 1.0mm. Collapsible structure kiosk with waiting chair surrounded, and frame stand for e bike charging.
3. LCD screen 21.5inch. With video and graphic poster function.
4. Solar power system 3000W: Solar generator 1pc, 275Wx6pcs solar panel (with 90cm wires with a pair of MC4 connector) size 1640x990mm. Anderson plug ( solar panel input plug ). 12V50A PWM solar controller.

5. 12v 120ah LiFePO4 battery, 3000W 12V lower frequency pure sine wave inverter.


In the park, it will take high cost for cable constructions. so government may invest solar charging station for public free charge service.



Cooperation possibility between Tecno Africa point of sales and Flowvisual China

Cooperation possibility between Tecno Africa and Flowvisual China

Africa market with great potential towards investors, as average age of population only 19 years old. Fast growing population will reach 1.6 billion in 2030. Just few apps such as facebook, whatsapp for social, and e-businss Jumia, Logistic Speedof, and music apps Boomplay are well-known. Payment company increasing fast during the past years, but no leader can spread all of Africa countries fluently. There are still a lot of blocks between each countries, it is not easy for African set up consistent market with same rules and regulations. There are five top developed countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia. Most of their industry depend on Agriculture, Mine industry and Energy industry, manufacturering bases are weakness. Total 54 dependant countries with different languages, letters, markets. The export business mainly about farm commodities, mines, petrol etc. China invested in Africa a lot of water project, traffics, telecommunications, port and trains etc.

Tecno is the most famous mobile phone brand in Africa, which is belong to Transsion China. It is easy to sea Tecno signage and advertising everywhere. In West Africa and East Africa countries, Transsion have different class brand for mobile phone : Itel, Infinix and Tecno.  Also with Boomplay as their music apps which have most of musician knowledges patent. Tecno did research special for Africian people demands, their mobile phone is suitable for Africian take photos, and battery long lasted, with multiple SIM cards available. Cost is acceptable compared with other brands. Most of the phones with bascial function for air phone talking. Pricing from 20~100 dollars. Affordable pricing is the key point for Africa market.


Flowvisual concentrate on same market with Tecno from China. Flowvisual products is able to coordinate Tecno.  As Africa mobile market is tranferring from function phone to smart phone. Power charging demand will increase a lot. Present phone charging environment is not convenient and expensive, if the national grid is short of power. It is possible for Tecno provide some free charge service or make great discount for phone charging service. It will did great benefit to customers. Multiple site application will be visible advertising effect, customers data easy to get. It is small point of sales which is able to lower Tecno accessories agents cost. The mini shop design gives agents flexiable options.

Tecno may use solar phone charging station provide service to their agents, so  that strengthen compeition ability in Africa market, benefit their customer a lot in long time.






Grey Goose Vodka brand agency purchasing bar pub cart import from China

Grey Goose Vodka brand agency purchasing bar pub cart import from China

Why choose FLOWVISUAL as supplier for the bar pub cart ? GG marketing team made a plan for their point of sales promotion plan, most of their point of sales is bar pub. In order to get attractive impression for customers, marketing designer made a drawing design, 304 stainless steel main structure, with 22inch wheels at back and smaller wheels in front. new blue pattern on it. The outlook shape as half of watermelon. They find out a local advertising & promotion material company TK for this project. Responsible for import, quality assurance and dispatching work.

TK find out a supplier FLOWVISUAL on, this supplier have a lot of vending cart design, for different products display and retail. Also have similar cart program export to USA Select Design with stainless steel sheet and wheels for hand pushing. Just take around two days, FLOWVISUAL design team finished a 3D rendering drawing. Follow GG designer structure, and outlook pattern. Detail requirements for the white wheels type. The white wheels seldom used for cart due to dirty problem, only some children’s bicycle factory use this.

There are many special requirements for the accessories. Such as powder coating finishing on the metal, with pantone code 287C. It is not regular color in powder coating supplier system. Customization production is not easy for sample development. White tyre wheel 22inch and 12inch. Blue front wheels fork. This unit just come from childs bicycle parts.

The shape of the cart surrounding is curve, so not able to achieve printing on it. Only solution is digital printing sticker. There is one problem happened when FLOWVISUAL engineer develop the sample, if assemble the straight fork, when people pushing it along the road, the front wheels direction may reverse or not easy ajust the direction. After bend it with 15 degree, problem resolved. The round stainless pole fixed at the edge for table top glass bottle protection.

Regard the packing way, breaking down is more safe. In order to make sure final end user easier work, FLOWVISUAL assembled the top table steel pole and the front wheel fork. After the GG cart arrive at the bar pub, end user only need use the tools assemble the pushing bar, and the wheels.


After the mass production, TK arranged 3rd party QIMA to do inspections. Fully 48 pages report including  main specifications, color, size, quantity, pattern, powder coating finishing, assemble process, packing protection safety etc.



Espeically for the powder coating quality testing, inspector use knife cutting the blue surface with 10×10 lines, no powder layer released from the face.



Cerfitications requirements of Ethiopia government for import solar parts system

Cerfitications requirements of Ethiopia government for import solar parts system

Since Feb 15th, 2022, all buyers in Ethiopia import solar parts have to prepare COC for custom clearance. FLOWVISUAL solar charging station including solar panel, lithium battery and solar controller. All these parts have to submit IEC testing report. COTECNA is the agency who is authorized by Ethiopia government. The valorem fees regulation as below. Minimum USD265.00/bill. All the cargos have to do pre-shipment inspection by COTECNA. Total minimum fees will be : USD265.00 x 1.06 = USD280.90. No matter it is sample or mass production. It is very strict regulation. It is great challenge for Chinese company follow all the detail requirements.

Normally,  when we ship the battery to oversea market, we have to prepare MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ), with composition informations. For lithium battery, we use the most safety Lithium iron phosphate battery type, which is able to bear higher temperature. The report including hazards identification, first aid measures,fire fighting measures, and accident release measures. How to handling and storage,  exposure controls/ personal protection, physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, toxicological information, ecological information,disposal consideration, transport information, regulation informations.


COC Ethio required IEC 62133 report for lithum battery, IEC61215 for solar panel. It is better have IEC61730 report. For gel battery required IEC60896-21/22 and IEC61427. Suppliers normally not able to provide full testing report, or time unvalid report, it is also rejected by COTECNA. Solar controller former supplier not able to give testing report for their products. Only front page of the verification of LVD compliance. Our battery technology data is different from the testing report, the capacity is different. In order to treat with this kind of issues flexible, COTECNA send a PID format ( Product identify declaration ), just submit the differences of certified product and not certified products about designation, model number, trademark, ratings or other details. There are two different situations, first situation is strictly identical in design, features, components, material, manufacturing process, markings, second situation is similar and have very minor differences that can not impact the safety. Look at below picture.

For the shipping marks, both on product parts and outside carton have to follow the right regulations. Solar panel with series number together with technical data.

After that, we will submit RFC ( Request for certification form) documents. Exporter, Importer, paying party and manufacturer details. Inspection and cargo details, commerical invoice and proforma invoice details. Declarations of the cargos HS code, decriptions, model number, orgin country, applciable standard, manufacturer name or brand name, license number.

Finally, safety packing with wooden case done, and right shipping mark as below photos.


Pop up art applied for prefab coffee shop buildings and drinks display

Pop up art applied in prefab coffee shop buildings

What is pop up art ? It is one kind of modern art style, which is very popular for engraving, for street brand visual impact during outdoor movements. It can be part of city culture, when the art applied for prefab building house. Many designer pursue huge shape daily life things. Such as bottle, cup for wine and drinks brand promotion.

One of Turkey project for government support woman job, street coffee shop. Their design concept is similar as a drink cup, the roof must be like real cup shape. We know in digital world advertising, keywords rank is the most important. But when you are walking along the street real environment, visual impact is very important. Huge bottle and cup is able to achive amazing impression towards customers. Draw attention of potential customers in the shopping mall or business square. Sometimes the prefab coffee shop or food shop along the street.  The kiosk made of sheet metal, with sink, countertop, clean/waster water tank, drawers and cabinet.

FLOWVISUAL designer team use 3D software Rhino constructing model, and rendering tool Keyshot, finall achieved below drawings. Outlook almost same as real cup but huge size. With opening window and door at the back. Logo printed at the edge of roof. From long distance, it is an attractive coffee cup. Not only functional prefab buildings, but also lively advertising, the building can express itself by the appearance. There are welded hook unit on the top, truck lift is able to hold complete assembled shop, then move it to another place. Due to the portable feature, no need occupy fixed area of real estate in the city. Government department is able to adjust the user and the locations. Make sure application efficiency for the investment.

Another project from Euro is very tall coffee cup shape, with advertising graphic surrounded, hot dog heating machine. It is complete packing structure. There is wheels at the bottom for easy moving. Design concept same requirements for space occupation. It can be tendency for future, more and more coffee shop or drinks shop along the street with portable structure. It becoming part of city culture. Why the buildings have to be made of concrete and steel mixture ?  Why not use Indomie food cup shape for their shop outlook design ?

FLOWVISUAL designer team use engraving art for the mini house, as any drinks holder with hollow space, and it is very familar things in daily life. Once people faced a huge daily commodities outdoor as a house, sometime they will get shocking. If there are some tourist along the coffee shop, they will shooting photos, and sharing them on their facebook or wechat. Really very good advertising for brand marketing.

Pop art not only applied in developed countries, but also used in developing countries, such as below beer display shelf design for Nigeria customer. I was surprised at one of trading company send the enquiry to me, said it is for Africa. For high class famous brand marketing, they always concentrate on value, never lower their grade of signage & display & graphics standard. Imagination is worldwide attractions. FLOWVISUAL willing to satify customers inner demand for their branding. With creative mind and elegant appearance. We are not only provide functional equipments and tools, we also creat new business culture. We are proud of our endeavors for help customer achieve better branding value. Progressing brand touching points impressions. Memories in customer brains will lead outstanding performance of brand. Just make sure it is matching with the application environment, and useful for brand agents.

Rather than special shape design, FLOWVISUAL also have experience for normal shape container shop for coffee brand. It is suitable for large size shop, even with 2 floors. Combined with outdoor tables & umbrellas, all indoor kitchen area and equipments. Our solution for this project is just use main VI color for the container steel structure with harmony color. Morandi color series is the most comfort color. Especially the morandi blue.








Why Telecom brand agency in Africa use FLOWVISUAL smart control solar phone charging station system ?  Look at the photos with news from Nigeria. National power grid collapses many times in 2022. Phone charging service place are very poor conditions. Due to lack of gas, and also economic down. The currency floating crazy for Naira.


We did an offline investigation in March 2022 by professional marketing query company in Lagos. Content as below.


  1. What kind of phone do you use? Kindly state here:_________________
  2. Kindly share with us, 6 of your friends’ phones’ brands currently in use, in no particular order; list them  please

(1.) ___________________  (2.) ____________________ (3.) ___________________

(4.) ___________________  (5.)  ____________________ (6.) ___________________

  1. How much you paid for your phone ? ___________, Is it smart phone with android or IOS ?  Yes or No
  2. What is the average time it takes your phone tobe fully charged? ___________
  3. So, what time duration do you really spend charging your phone at home? ____________
  4. How do you charge yourphone when you are outdoors?  Kindly State:____________________________
  5. What are the available charging services/options available outthere, when you go outside or during a trip ? ____________________
  6. How long do you spend charging your phone when outdoors?_______How much you paid each time for recharging ? ___________
  7. Do you allow your phone charge fully when you’re outdoors? If yes (How long? ______) if No (give reason(s)
  8. Can you please share your monthly income range ___________________
  9. Could you give similar info for about 10 of your friends, kindly list in the below spaces:

(1.) ___________________  (2.) ____________________ (3.) ___________________

(4.) ___________________  (5.)  ____________________ (6.) ___________________

(7.) ___________________ (8.) ____________________  (9.) ___________________ (10.) ____________________

  1. How much do you spend on the average foryour phone telecommunication service? ______
  2. Do you think this isexpensive? YES or NO
  3. Doknow about QR code scanning? Yes or No
  4. If yes? Do you use QR CodeScanning when buying products at shop? Yes or No
  5. If Yes, Is it convenient to use? Share your experience briefly __________________________
  6. Is AC power stable at your home? Yes or No.         How much you paid for AC power per month ? ______________
  7. If No, what is the average time of AC power availability inyour house, per day/per week? ____________
  8. When the AC electricity power is off, how do you get power charge your phone? ____________________________________________________________________________
  9. Do you have power bank or battery storage ? Yes or No.
  10.  How about the price of power bank and battery storage ? ______________________________________________

21.How much for the small gas generator in your market ? __________ How about the price of gas per liter ? ___________

  1. How is the Network Service signal in your Area for the phone you use?(a) Good, (b) Bad  (c)Average (d) Excellent
  2. Is there any solar powered station for phone recharging available ? Yes or No.       If yes, take some photo and videos.

NB: This is for Research Executive Actions

Name of Respondent____________________

Age Bracket of Respondent _______________       Respondent’s Gender (Male) or (Female)

Location______________   State of Residence ____________

  1. Is there any exiting street vending cart and kiosk in your area and city? Yes or No
  2. If so, Take different kinds of photos and videos.

Here below feedbacks assorted :

1. Chinese mobile phone company Tecno is the most popular in Nigeria.

2. Nigeria people have to spend very high cost for phone charging, NGN50.00 for phone and NGN100.00 for power bank charge.

3. Phone user have to pay for airtime and data with weekly or monthly, over 20% of their average salary.

4. Over 90% of university students have mobile phone.

5. Nigeria will start promote their 5G network, which is constructed by ZTE & Huawei China. Goverment pay great attention for expanding digital service and trainning  for their rural areas.


Based on above QUESTIONAIRE, FLOWVISUAL developed smart phone charging station system. With mobile payment function combined with Flutterwave service. User easy to operate

register account and order phone charging service on the machine screen, the station will charging fee based on per 3 hours. After full charged, user can input the account name and password then open the charging cabinet port. and pick up the phone. There are great business chance for Africa market application of solar phone charging station.



FLOWVISUAL new solution for MTN point of sales brand marketing in Africa

FLOWVISUAL new solution for MTN point of sales brand marketing in Africa

FLOWVISUAL, come from Guangzhou, China. Involved in MTN related advertising signage & graphic & display products over 7 years since 2015. Our business through agent or project company which can submit bidding documents. Hereby our series solutions for new MTN branding point of sales, with metal signage, metal folding display table, retail trolley along the street, collapsible kiosk, and solar phone charging stations.

Maybe for simpler printing cost consideration, MTN new logo with just 2 pure color. Yellow and black. Look at old & new logo. It is a long time for MTN operated in Africa, most of countries have huge quantities branches in city and countryside. How can we provide value for MTN brand marketing ?


The most simple products is MTN digital printing banner with grommet which can be hanging on the wall. Their MOMO agent provide services : 1. send & receive money. 2. deposit & withdraw money. 3. buy airtime & data. 4. pay bills. These are basically off line service, telecom brand agency have to set up business point of sales enough, so that cover customers demand. Why they import printed advertising poster from China rather than buy them from Africa local manufacturer ? Due to the quality control and production efficiency. Higer level quality and durability grade option will be PVC and aluminum composite panels.

L shape metal signage and A board, widely used for MTN country agents. Just as visible guide of any small shop which signed agents contract with MTN.

Metal folding table with umbrella is applied in many countries long time. Very strong and durable solution for portable service points.

Moving trolley cart along the street also did great benefit for MTN agents. They can put some commodities at the back cabinet with locker. Can you compared the 3D rendering drawing with real production photos ? Almost no difference.

Traditional portable office outdoor as below. With fiberglass, sheet metal technology.

The most economical option we developed in 2022 as below, with size 130x130x210cm. Pressing mould fiberglass thickness 4mm. Customzied yellow color in mass production are available.

Unit price based on 80pcs/40ft HQ only USD450.00/pc. Almost same as sheet metal pricing, but no rusty, no corrosions, color consistent.




How can we organize FLOWVISUAL branded vending cart union market ?

What is FLOWVISUAL branded vending cart union market ?

It is a new type of market, with features : Easy moving, commodities related to each other, managed by professional agency with special staff. It is different than single brand pop up mini shop.

It is group organized. As you know, it is very difficult for new creative brand get customer flow from website, and high cost to set up their distributors point of sales network. For many young brand company, they don’t have enough capital for marketing and advertising investment, not possible open chain store in short time. and no money for rank of Keywords searching rank on website advertsing. Seldom suitable option for their brand promotion. Though there are some new tools appeared in the market, such TIKTOK, and social media such as Facebook , Youtube and Twitter

etc. These channels are very slow for brand agency gathering customer attentions. Especially achieve self – broadcasting on their social apps. The most economical way for advertising is, try to

create vaueable content, and interesting topic, useful knowledge, experience sharing. The brand culture should be not split to be each single industry, they have to be close to people’s daily life.

For example, when we talk about tea, why we have to concentrate on tea itself. Why not concern about the cup, and the spring water ? When we drink tea, these products are combined in our

life. During brand marketing content design, most of the time, supplier only take time for their own products physical features. It is very boring for customer just get almost same photos, videos

and product descriptions on website e shop. If just use copy version introduction, and use same marketing tools, how can we achieve different brand marketing performance ? It is not possible.


Here below our new strategy concepts :

  1. We can try to build an website community, just with a QR code, we can open the website link from phone, pad and PC pages. Brand agency and their customers can upload their comments, sharing photos, videos, questions, and discuss topic on this website.

2. Life circle brand agencies union marketing. If we can gathering advantages from different companies, with same target customers, it can be big power team towards the market. Maybe some people will thinking it will be great risk for customer contradictions. It is really too narrow sight for future marketing. No customer belong to any brand agency, loyalty depend on benefit towards customers, if there is no attractive culture content, all customer will move to other brand.

3. Traditional internet marketing is centralization, customer flow to the brand agency who can pay higher advertising keywords rank. FLOWVISUAL new strategy is un-centralization, all customers and brand agency can creat their own link area with very low cost.

4. Not only on line marketing social communications, but also off line flow market. Take a look at below example, which FLOWVISUAL hold in 5 star hotel, it is business network international

commerical conference. Sometimes, they move to outdoor grass land for party. There are many different industry vendors, such as red wine, tea, toys, food, watches, fabric bag etc. They come from

completely different industry, business model as manufacturer or distributors or retailor agents.


Look at this item PT24, vodka brand, applied in bar pub or high level hotel. It adapt the environment properly. Impressive sight.


Now the vending cart is not only functional display stand or portable cart, or simple furniture, we can consider as brand culture, it gives people impression of brand, draw attention of party members. Beauty economic not just exist in make up industry or home decocoration industry, we are able to apply it everywhere, any points of visual impact.


Why not give some backlit on the table display ? It looks like a big light box, but also as a folding table. It is made of fabric outside. Surround as cylinder, can be oval, square or round shape.

Customization graphic with back lighted is standard option.

FLOWVISUAL provide different display solution for different products. Tea display trolley indoor,


Watches display trolley box indoor

More and more industry new brand born, FLOWVISUAL willing to help all brand agency achieve unique brand culture towards market, improve marketing performance !