About us

Who we are

FLOWVISUAL Brand Pop Up Shop is working for global brand agency easier branding solutions. Compared with traditional Real estate shop and E shop,

Brand pop up shop is the 3rd style shop. Great imagination space in the future
brandmarketing. While customer consumption habit changing always, brand agency required new theory for their marketing communications.

The Brand Pop Up Shop is one of the keypoint way for integrated Marketing communications.

“ FLOWVISUAL” is our design philosophy

New Scene, New Media, New Appearance
Portable Shop, Pop up Shop, Shop in Shop
Save Rental cost, Save renovation cost, Save transportation cost
Quick Start up business, Quick knock-off, Quick moving.

& Beauty: Everything in the world, towards people’s inner sight is “ FLOWVISUAL”. We considering our products as “ FLOWVISUAL” creations, so it should be beautiful so that catch people’s eye sight. Attractive and sight friendly appearance, suitable culture understanding are important for different customer group.
& Innovative : All the visual is flowing, the consumers interest is always changing, our solutions for brand agency will keep innovative based on professional enough, Not only just meet the needs of customer, but also try our best to provide exceed value.Our material should absorb the newest development elements, and keep learning new technology in different industry.


& Convenient : Collapsible or folding structure will lead to easier transportation. And lower the shipping cost. All basical functions should without defects, so that avoid time waste on complaints. Any details related to people’s experience have to be easy operation. The material should environmental and longer lasting, so that not easy to be rubbish or pollution for the world in a short time.

We help brand agency set up off-line point of sales network by carts and mobile kiosks. With item PT01 branded sheet metal cigarette with umbrella, brand agents can start and stop their work in one minute almost anywhere anytime.
With this simple structure product, you can open a simple branded pop up shop.

Why cooperate with FLOWVISUAL brand pop up shop ?

& Professional designers and engineers team :There are over 100 innovative design in our product range, over 30 patents included. Not only follow your design and concepts, but also help you improve the design and solution.

& Rich project experience :We already exported MTN service table, Airtel point of sales, Moov Africa metal promotion table, Free Money triangle sides advertising display table, Premier Bet betting station etc.

& Flexible manufacturing : Customized color, size, logo and advertising graphic are available !