Food vending cart outlook and function considered in design work

FLOWVISUAL Food Vending Cart Example in 7 Projects


Food vending cart along the street & road, it is reprensented as city life. All kinds of noodles, barbecue, roasting, baking, steaming etc. Especially for breakfast and night snack. Food cart require stainless steel sheet, due to no rusty, anti-scratching, and strong enough. Compared with other trolley such as for cigarette and lottery ticket, food cart is small booth keeper useful equipment for make a living. This cart give chance for laboring people who live at the foot of social ladder. The equipment have to be long life lasted and economical. Also this is rigid demand for the market.


Item PT56 food cart with cooking function, suitable for different kinds of food cooking. Super pragmatism design, with 4pcs

Shelfs, and gas bottle holding frame at side. Gas burner switch installed directly on the cabinet. It looks like a portable kitchen. The oil box at the bottom, avoid dirty. Small cash coin drawer box useful for vendors. Sizes just suitable for people

Pushing along the street, and easy pass through all kinds of people gathering area.

Item PT32 portable kitchen with natural material as fuel. You can use countryside wood, or industry acohol for burning.

Once there is picnic, or farm banquet, even some construction site. Hot water tank, and outlets. With bottom drawer for ash, and round tube for smoke out. Extensionable folding table panel suitable for food material or seasoning display.


Item PT11C is one of the food cart design, which it is able to move by connect with bycicle. Cooking simple food on this cart, with gas burner and switch on the cabinet, top fabric roof. Open the door on the cabinet, put storage inside, and rubbish bucket. Spring bucket fixing place with interval avoid hitting. Extensionable face panel for material display.

Item PT59 portable mine gas cooking food cart, large enough face, with two burners inside of the drawer. When you finish the work, you can push it into the cabinet, with anti sunshine fabric roof, space at the bottom of cabinet can keep food raw material. Cup, water etc. “ Indomie Food” is one of the famous noodle food brand, it is popular in many Asia & Africa countries. Vendors use this food cart around school, or near public stations.

Item DT02 KFC breakfast cart. KFC China use it for prepared breakfast retail in front of exist shop. This food vending cart without cooking function, just for distributing packed food. With elegance appearance, and strong material structure, collapsible transportation, FLOWVISUAL pop up shop solution create easy assemble and easy moving cart.

Item DT05 portable kitchen, high visible design style. Accurate detail metal work applied on this design very well. Top façade lighted signage, help whole cart attractive for people walking along the cart, front panels prevent the cooking burners from front visual. So that it looks neat and elegant from front view.

Item DT03 duck vending cart, for ready duck food, just cutting before give to customers. There is cutting base made of wood and metal cover. Clear PVC protect the food from dusty, and avoid mosquito bittle. Table face with stainless steel orginal finishing, and the bottom with sheet metal powder coating coffee color. Warm style color cause delicious food imaginations.

Item PT36 portable milk vending cart, both of the cart and solar umbrella with cow grain, together with vendors uniform,stand poster display, achieve very high visual impact outdoor. This help brand marketing a lot. It can be a portable

Advertising media.

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