Beverage and Drinks vending cart design innovations

FLOWVISUAL – Beer & Drinks vending cart innovative design

Drinks, representation product is Cola, Spring, Juice etc. All the vending equipments with weight bearness requirements, sometimes require cooler function. Drinks industry is always very seriously competition, a lot of advertising creative design

And huge brand marketing terminal POS investment. In order to obtain more market share, different brand fighting with each other in all kinds of advertising and promotion channels. As consumption commodity, drinks advertising and promotion materials, normally with particular outlook, and highly visual impact. There are many creative idea applied in drinks promotion activities.


Item PT04 outdoor solar ice cream vending cart, with solar panel 200w, and lithium battery 12V60ah, combined with DC

Refridgerator, suitable for the country where richful solar.

Item PT07 Cola vending cart is one of the unique design, the front appearance similar as Cola tin, made of sheet outside cylinder shape, with small flag logo printed, also there is laser cutting logo in front, highly visible from far aways. Heat resistant layer inside lead to cooler function.

Item PT12 indoor drinks serving cart, with clear window both of left and right, there are two layers table face where suitable for juice machine, extensionable panel at two sides for cup display. The top backlit slim light box give light to the cart, also creat attractive visual indoor. Colorful drinks bottle show itself in clear window cabinet. Seller pushing cart along the floor for drinks serving.

Item PT14 fiberglass collapsible drinks vending cart, remove the solar umbrella, this can be used as cash desk, or reception of bar pub, even you can use it as outdoor working table.

Item PT17 bar cart is the design which suitable for high class bar pub, shopping center, or outdoor square. The table surface with stainless steel, anti-scratching treatment, the bottom cabinet with powder coating red finishing, and silk screen printing white color logo on it. Together with naturally style wooden umbrella, achieve unique appearance both indoor and outdoor. No matter it is stand in shopping mall indoor, or along the street, this bar cart can draw attention of customers who walking along.

Item PT18 Cylinder shape cola drinks vending cart, with capacity 100L, clear PC vacuum forming lid, and injection moulding PE cylinder body, with PE panels surrounding trims, put some ice inside, cooling dozens of bottle cold drinks, keep it cold.

You can insert solar umbrella at the metal pushing frame, size 50x50x80cm. It is able to put it into the back space of car.

Item PT19 tricycle ice cream and cold drinks vending cart, reverse riding structure, suitable for selling along the street, save time and labor. The solar umbrella prevent staff from sunshine, also keep the cooler cabinet under the shadow.


Item PT24B Appearance as watermelon half shape, once there is this cart appear along the street, people will think about colde drinks, or some water or wine. It can be nice sight seeing in the bar pub.

Item PT29 Cola drinks pop up cart shop, cool face, streamlining outlook, suitable for all kinds of bottle shape packing display, there is small cooler box space at the back, also there is storage carton packing can be put in front of the cart. Digital printing advertising can be fixed at two sides and front bar. Solar umbrella at side fixed into the metal tube.

Item PT39 Ice cream portable vending shop, the advantage is folding integrated. With one big and one small EPS foam cooler box. It is easy pushing along the road after folded. And put into back cabinet of the car. It is one of the patent design in FLOWVISUAL pop up shop design series.

Item PT39B Beer and cold drinks vending cart, vendors can be two cooler box on the table face, or 2pcs 50kgs beer bucket.

It is strong enough for bearing heavy beer bucket, due to the sheet metal with metal tube frame welded structure. Front face with digital flat UV printing as logo sign. High visible outdoor application environment.

Item PT39A Spring water drinks vending cart, with top roof shadow instead of umbrella, there is openable lid on the table face. Small cooler box can be placed under the face.

Item PT48 Ice cream cooler vending cart, with big wheels, collapsible metal tube frame support, made of metal + HDPE +

PP environmental material. Over 75L capacity. Packing size only 82x45x42cm.


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